Just How Charitable Is Brad Pitt? He Spent $16M To Rebuild Storm Struck New Orleans In 2010 (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ellen DeGeneres’ cameras captured Brad Pitt rebuilding homes in devastated New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Now, in a Celebuzz exclusive, we can reveal just how charitable the Moneyball superstar has been.

Despite Pitt, 48, telling Ellen that he’s getting “far too much credit” for the work of his ‘Make It Right’ foundation, newly-released federal tax filings detail how the actor’s group spent more than $16 million in 2010 alone, to help the area hardest-hit by the worst natural disaster in American history.

Specifically, the nonprofit spent $16,374,885 to achieve its lofty aim: build green and sustainable houses in the Lower 9th Ward, where the most damage occurred from Katrina.

During the two most recent reporting periods (2009 and 2011), ‘Make It Right’ spent $29,061,857 on the residents effected by the killer storm. At the same time, the group’s revenue dropped off; it raised a little over $7 million through donations and fundraising during 2010, down from $10,676,908 in 2009.

The Oscar-nominated Moneyball star told DeGeneres Tuesday how his love affair with New Orleans began in the early ’90s.

“It was a bit of a blur because New Orleans will do that to you,” he explained on her chat show. “I fell in love with the place: the people, the music. It’s in the air. It’s something you can’t describe on camera.”

When DeGeneres complimented Pitt on everything he’d achieved, the Hollywood mega-star humbly responded: “I’m getting far too much credit for this. This took a lot of very smart people coming in and attacking the situation.

“It took the families determined to come back and their resilience and they’re defining what this thing was going to be. I get far too much credit for bringing some really smart people together.”

Previously, Pitt and his partner, Angelina Jolie, 36, have donated significant amounts of their own hard-earned through their Jolie Pitt Foundation to ‘Make It Right.’

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