Kendall & Kylie Jenner: Our 'OK Magazine' Fashion Feature (PHOTOS)

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are sharing their OK magazine feature story. The youngest sisters of the Kardashian clan blogged: 

Kylie and I are so thrilled to show you guys this amazing fashion spread we did for this week’s OK! Magazine! We got to wear the most amazing dresses, shoes and jewelry and one of our favorite photographers, Nick Saglimbeni, shot the pics!

The issue is on newsstands now, so make sure you pick up a copy to read our interview and see the rest of the pics.

For more with the adorable Jenner girls, check out their blog and Instagram pics below: 

If you can't get enough of celeb sisters, check out the video below: video:



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  • maryamcullen

    Kendall is so pretty!!

  • Claudia Elena Gomez
    Claudia Elena Gomez

    they look lovely !

  • Sheri He
    Sheri He

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  • justaguy

    what's your point?

  • bellaMalaysia

    kylie sooo beautiful..

  • justaguy

    I want to bury my face in Kylie's tight little pussy. I bet it tastes amazing.

  • justaguy

    That's the perfect age...mmmmmmm

  • KS

    arco your disgusting only perverts would say shit like that on here get a life

  • dave1001

    I agree with you. Personally I love jerking off over both of them. Kendall is taller and thin and has that model body type, but Kylie will probably have nice big tits and a big ass like her older sisters. They both make me very hard and I love shooting my cum over both of them. I hope they get their own show soon!

  • Beth

    For sure you have the most beautiful sisters love you kimmy

  • Laura

    I actually thinnk than kylie is more beautiful but kendall has the a look more of a model... if you look back to pictures of kendall at 14 years old going to figure out how much adolescence can change persons so yes kylie will probably be more gorgeous than she is now ;)

  • Laura

    kylie looks SOOOOOO beautiful!!

  • Tina Curcio-Occhipinti
    Tina Curcio-Occhipinti

    Yhe one on my right looks just like Valarie Bertinelli..... So pretty they both are....

  • kkdashdoll123

    SERIOUSLY they are both gorgeous and they will both go far!

  • izy

    Maybe if they weren't dressed like sluts...

  • shaq

    Kendall is gorgeous! Definitely has a career not based on being a Kardashian ( Jenner)I dont believe the same can be said for Kylie. She is a pretty girl next door and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • Annya Nathaniel
  • Robin Sanders
    Robin Sanders

    kendall looks like a slim version of khloe

  • arco

    Kendall is taller and skinnier and that's why she looks more model type, but Kylie is pretty and is gonna be sexy

  • arco

    Kylie looks beautiful and lovely

  • Tiffany Gonzalez
    Tiffany Gonzalez

    Y-U-C-K! 16 and 14, might I remind you!!

  • Debbie Calvello
    Debbie Calvello

    maybe they will use their celebrity showing compassion in fashion, unlike their fur wearing sisters...

  • Soph

    I think Kendall and Kylie are both utterly stunning, beautiful girls. You would have to be stupid to say that Kylie is 'ugly' or won't have a career on her own. I think they both have equally the same chance of success, they're both beautiful but are also different in personality so would bring different things to campaigns.

  • SandyD

    They are both beautiful! Stop hating!

  • SandyD

    Your so gross! They are young girls! Pervert!

  • Niki s
    Niki s

    Girls you all are stunning :) xx you design beautiful product's , keep them coming :) Kris & Bruce great job :) Xxxxxxx

  • Niki s
    Niki s

    The girls are stunning xxxxx

  • SoHeroic

    pshhh 4 real..... real 4 real? CrAzY world man. Don't listen to em cupcake your a beauty!!!

  • Britton Kinlaw
    Britton Kinlaw

    I don't think Kylie is pretty either

  • SoHeroic

    Susie Q sounds really jelly over Kylie. Shes just as beautiful as Kendall if not more. What pic are you lo0king at nerd.

  • lashchelle09

    aww they look like Barbie dolls. Ya'll don't have to be so mean to Kylie....

  • carmensherri

    Love this!!!

  • susie q
    susie q

    Kendall a real beauty - Kylie not at all. Sad because unless they're packaged together, Kylie won't make it.