Pregnant Kristin Cavallari Wants Two Kids Before She Marries Jay Cutler

Kristin Is Pregnant!
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Kristin Cavallari hasn't even welcomed her first child yet, but she is already talking about baby number two! The reality star, who is expecting her firstborn with fiance Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, admits she wants to put her wedding plans on hold, so she can have more kids.

"We were talking about the possibility of having another kid right away and then getting married so we can have two kids close in age," she tells Glamoholic. "We want four kids, so we're thinking maybe have one more, then get married, then have two more. But we'll see -- it all depends on how the first one goes."

Inside the issue, Kristin gushes about her fiance Jay, who is "so excited" to become a first-time father. "He's been wanting kids since I've known him, so he couldn't be happier," she gushes.

"I always wanted kids but I always thought I have kids later on in my life, maybe when I turn 30. I really wanted to focus on my career, but you meet the right person and your whole world changes. You can't really plan these things," she says.

Read more of Kristin's interview at Glamoholic and watch her behind-the-scenes cover photo shoot below.



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  • Lauren

    It doesn't make sense to me why she wants to have a second baby before getting married. She's acting like it only takes a little bit to get pregnant and give birth. " We want to maybe even have another then get married."

  • RobN

    And I'm not sure why you're trying so hard to defend a girl whom you don't even know. How do you know she deserves nothing but happiness when you don't actually know anything about her that isn't issued by her PR people?

  • RobN

    I don't care how many kids they have, but this waiting to get married thing is weird. If all she cares about is the big fancy wedding, then she shouldn't bother getting married at all, but if all she cares about is spending her life with this guy, then just take 20 minutes and run down to city hall and get married.

  • Mooncake

    Wow people, lay off Kristin. She is such a gorgeous girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. She looks so pretty on this cover and she deserves nothing but happiness. I don't know why you guys are slamming her, not having a dig at yous, just not sure why your picking on a girl you don't even know.

  • CJ

    Who is this? I know she is the girl from Laguna Beach but why is there news about her? Has she starred in a movie, recorded a hit album or contributed to world peace or science? She's not even very pretty, don't get it....

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    this girl is a pinhead at her age having kids close together is stupid she's got plenty of time until the window slams shut.