Yee-Haw! 'DWTS' Stud William Levy Nearly Naked In Nothing But a Cowboy Hat (PHOTOS)

William Levy Nude

Howdy, partner! Dancing with the Stars hottie and Cuban-born actor/model William Levy is exposed in a set of pics where the only thing keeping him modest is a cowboy hat. Not that we're complaining! 

These exclusive photos taken back in 2007, and have been kept under wraps -- until now. Celebuzz uncovered the secret shoot and is sharing the love. You're welcome! 

The candid shots of the Telenovela actor -- who also costarred in Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Into You" video -- were snapped as the sexy Latin star was getting ready for a photo shoot. He was stripped down for makeup  and body tan when he playfully grabbed a straw hat and covered his bathing suit area.

His girlfriend at the time, Elizabeth Gutierrez, was actually on set and made sure he didn't expose himself in the shots. 

Most recently, William has been heating up the Dancing floor. He and partner Cheryl Burke scored a 24 out of 30 on the debut episode this week. 




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  • Robin Thompson
    Robin Thompson

    there's no way these can be recent - look how young he looks and how much more hair he has

  • Sheri He
    Sheri He

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  • Sarah Registe
    Sarah Registe

    holy...God is good..

  • Desilu

    all i can say is he can just stand there & do nothing i will watch!!! ;) GoRgEoUs MaN... I want to be Mrs. Gutierrez i never watch dwts but this season it's my favorite show!

  • Janna Leigh Wilco
    Janna Leigh Wilco

    Not sure these were kept under wraps at all. A Google search finds these and much, much more explicit ones where he does expose himself (that appear to be from the same or a related shoot, though the article says he was monitored from not showing too much). He has a set in mesh underwear where you can see every wrinkle on his "young Levy" and it only serves to remind you how different Latin Americans and Europeans are when it comes to showing and seeing the body. All you have to do is Google his name with safe search off and, well, you will need smelling salts!

  • twinklemepink06
  • Mark AtLarge
    Mark AtLarge

    Google: markatlarge levy - looks like i can post a link

  • Iwanna

    Goodness gracious! :)

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    words cannot not describe how hot he is

  • June King
    June King

    Yowza! :)