Celebrity Mailbag: Ronnie Ortiz Talks Breakup with Sammi & What’s In His ‘Ron Ron Juice’

Sammi Talks Romance
Why does she keep going back to Ron?!?
Yo, Jersey Shore fans, we got Ronnie Ortiz over here! Ron Ron is the latest to take part in our Celebrity Mailbag series! The reality star sat down with Celebuzz to talk about some of his upcoming projects and dive into Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola drama at the Jersey Shore house thus far.

Check out what the self proclaimed “Guido” had to say about it all. You asked, He answered!

KJ: From the first season of Jersey Shore till now, did you ever expect to be where you are today?
R: No, no one ever expected us to be where we’re at.  That’s from any show from Jersey Shore to Entourage to True Blood, everyone takes a chance, they have an idea and believe in it and some people just get lucky.
What goals do you have for your future?
R: I’m working on producing Ron Juice in stores, trying to work out a deal right now. I think I’m opening up a gym in Los Angeles, I’ve also got a workout book coming out and I’m opening up a store of Jersey Laundry in NY.

Alexandra Lynn S: What’s the status with you and Sami?
R: Alexandra, me and Sammi are not together right now. We do remain good friends. We’ve been through a lot of stuff, but right now we’re just friends. We’re not together

Heather S: At what age do you think you’ll be ready to get married? Have kids?
R: I wanna definitely be married around 30/31…kids, I wanna be able to support myself and my wife and then I wanna worry about little Guido’s running around, destroying stuff.

Are you getting tired of partying?
R: You get very sick and tired of partying, after awhile it just becomes…we just party when we get paid to go out, pretty much.

Justin: Since you are from NY, what are your favorite sports teams? Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey?
R: All around NY, Yankees, Giants, Jets, Mets, Knicks, Nets, everything, even the Rangers I watch once in a while.

Amanda: What’s your favorite movie of all time?  What else do you watch on TV?
R: Comedy wise, I’ve must go with Old School, 40-Year-Old Virgin; one of my favorite comedies is Waiting though. TV right now; I watch Shameless, Games of Thrones I’m getting into, and I want to get into Breaking Bad.

Johanna: Who’s your closest friend in the world?
R: I gotta go with my father. My father is definitely someone that’s there you know family wise friend wise and business wise.

Well that concludes our Celebrity Mailbag with Jersey’s Shore Ronnie. Celebuzz would like to thank you all for submitting your questions and stay tuned for our next Mailbag series. 

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