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Disney Channel has a knack for giving us some of the best new musical acts — like the Jonas Brother, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus — and they’re doing it again with the McClain Sisters!

The hot new musical trio, made up of Disney Channel’s hit show A.N.T. Farm’s China Anne McClain and her sisters Sierra and Lauryn McClain, were signed by Hollywood Records just last week! With their new single “Rise,” which is the inspirational anthem of Disney Friends for Change and on the soundtrack of the new Disneynature movie Chimpanzee , these ladies are in for some very bright futures. Celebuzz got a special chance to chat with the fashionable sisters about their rise into the music world, fashion must-haves and love for the Hunger Games right before their Radio Disney Take Over with Ernie D!

These sisters have been in the entertainment world for years, working with Tyler Perry and numerous other films. Now they’re ready to take over the music scene!

What’s the main reason you girls decided to pursue your music career?

Sierra: We’ve been singing together for as long as we can remember, so we were like ‘why not just make a career out of it?’ and just do it together.

What can we expect from the album coming out? What kind of style is it?

Lauryn: It’s very different

S: Pop urban, energetic stuff. It is a lot of very different stuff. Some acoustic based stuff, we all play guitar so we got to have some acoustic songs in there.

L: Even electric.

S: Yes, even some electric. So there is a difference and a variety to it and we’re very excited.

What can you tell us about Chimpanzee, which your song ‘Rise’ is featured on?

L: It’s a heart-moving movie and families can go see it and they are going to love it. It’s about this little chimp who’s so cute and he’s got all this charisma — for a chimp.

China Anne: He’s curious and he watches all these people doing stuff and he tries to do it too.

L: He goes through all these ups and downs … it’s a great movie. It’s not just about Oscar, but about the whole world and everybody. It’s so close and personal.

And that’s how your song ties the movie together?

L: The song talks about unity. There’s a big lesson in this movie and we’re excited for everybody to hear it and see it!

You recently filmed a music video for that. How was the shoot?

S:That was actually our first music video together and it was so much fun. We were like crying and it was great.

C: It was really great and there were all these really cool lights that were going everywhere. So, you’ll see a really awesome light show.

L: It’s premiering the March 25 during an episode of Austin and Ally and we’re really excited.

So what are your fashion must haves?

C: I always have to have shoes. Like a cool pair of shoes, wedges or lip gloss is probably something that I always have to have with me. Oh I almost forgot suspenders. I love suspenders and nerdy glasses.

L: For me I love vests. I love vests and ties.

S: I’m going to say any type of accessory like necklaces. I have my jewelry and I like earrings, I’m a big hoops fan. I wear hoops all the time.

What are your thoughts on the Hunger Games?

L: Me and China are so excited because we read the books. We were in New York and we were like crying because we couldn’t make it to the premiere.

S: You would’ve thought they were like the casting directors for the film, because every time the press released a new character they were like, ‘oh yeah they fit, oh yeah’.

C: Yeah we were like ‘yes they fit, they might have to die their hair but yes they’re great.’ We both really keep up with it so we’re excited for it to come out.

You can catch more on the McClain Sisters new song “Rise” below. The song will officially  premiere on Radio Disney during Radio Disney Take Over with Ernie D. on Friday March 23 at 6pmET/3pmPT. Then on March 25, at 8 pm, Disney Channel will world premiere the video of “Rise” during an all new episode of the Disney hit show Austin & Ally.

Make sure to tune in to Radio Disney and Disney channel for all the new McClain Sisters’ music and let us know your thoughts on their new song!