Baptiste Giabiconi Could Be Using Katy Perry For Fame, Says Relationship Expert (OPINION)

Katy's See-Through Style
Katy Perry wears a sheer dress in Paris.
Baptiste: Hot Pics
See the world's highest paid male model in action.
With photographic evidence pointing to a hot romance brewing between Katy Perry and French model Baptiste Giabiconi, a few fans have expressed concerns for the singer — who very recently split with hubby Russell Brand.

Some have said they worry he’s using her for fame, as Baptiste is also an aspiring pop star. Although he is already the highest paid male model in the world, few knew his name before he started getting cozy with Katy. We’re giving the dude the benefit of the doubt, as he expressed his crush for the “Part of Me” singer long before they ever hooked up. Still, we wanted to address the issue, so we turned to relationship expert (and author of The Breakup Bible), Rachel A. Sussman to get the top signs your boyfriend could be using you!
“I always advise girls to look for signs from the person they are dating,” Rachel says. “Are they sincere? Honest? Caring? Can you trust them? If your ‘radar’ is working — most guys will fully reveal themselves over time — you just have to pay attention to the signals and trust your intuition.”

As for Katy, she says, “Since she is more successful than he, she should look for signs; does he pick up the check occassionally? Has he asked her to introduce him to important people that would advance his career? Is he being attentive to her, or taking her for granted?”

If the answer is yes to any of the above, run for the hills girlfriend!

Lastly, Rachel notes, “My philosophy is that you have to take significant time to heal after a divorce. Then you have to spend time trying to understand why the relationship went off track. This includes understanding what attracted you to your ex in the first place, how you both performed in the relationship, and then, you have to take accountability for your part in the breakup before you move on and date again.”