‘It’s a Business, Not a Morality Club’: Expert Defends Rihanna In Nude TwitPic Controversy (Opinion)

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Hollywood counselor Lisa Haisha caused a stir when she blogged exclusively for Celebuzz on Rihanna‘s bold statement that the more she got naked recently, “the more comfortable I felt.” Lisa protested that Rihanna was not being a good role model for her legion of fans. Now, music artist Adam Barta is responding in his own blog for us, declaring the six-time Grammy award-winning artist is a business and not working in a “morality club.” 

In the words of Chris Crocker, “Leave Rihanna alone!” Well sorta. I mean, so she’s wearing skimpy outfits and taking pictures. What celebrity hasn’t these days (myself included)? She’s not branded as a Disney, tween-idol anymore, not that she ever was really. She’s clearly evolved past that paradigm and into her adulthood. A thing to remember – her loyal fan base is growing up too. So what’s the problem really? 

Much of pop and dance music sell sex. Just watch any music video to clearly see this. I like this provocative side of her and I kind of play to this in my own music. If you watch the music video for “Give Yourself Up”, you’ll see me crawling out of a pool with Kristin Sledge (daughter of Kathy Sledge) in a speedo and ripped tank top. It’s part of the appeal of the act and song – and in all honesty helped it land on the Top 20 Billboard club chart. And guess what was the #1 song back in October of last year when I was on that chart? You guessed it! Rihanna singing about being sprawled out in a sexy pose on a “California king sized bed”. It’s a business, folks. Not a morality club.

As for the whole Chris Brown connection, I’ll be candid – I don’t really care and neither should the rest of America. She’s not our charge, she’s grown, adult woman, making her own choices. What I do care about is putting on some good Rihanna, hitting the dance floor and shaking my ass. From a recording artist’s perspective the whole invasion into the personal life is somewhat expected when you achieve that level of fame, but sometimes we take it to the ridiculous level of being personally offended when a celebrity makes a decision we don’t agree with, even though we don’t even know all the facts. I add a disclaimer to that in that any celebrity representing a cause, organization, belief, whatever, DOES have a responsibility to represent themselves publicly, and privately, to reflect that belief. But when has Rihanna ever said that she was a squeaky clean, puritanical singer? Do yo’ thing girl and come stand under my umbrella. I’m waiting for our collab.

Adam Barta is a pop artist who has earned accomplishments such as being on the official Z100 “fist pumping beats of the Jersey Shore,” and had his single “Standing In The Rain” named the Ultimate Sexiest Music Video on Logo’s Click List countdown.

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