‘Hunger Games’ Fans Unite on Facebook!

With the release of The Hunger Games hours away, fans are uniting on Facebook to celebrate the highly anticipated flick hitting theaters! Head over to the official Hunger Games Facebook page to get in on it!

How many times are fellow fans planning to see the movie? Are Hunger Games fans rooting for Team Peeta or Team Gale? Thanks to the dedicated Hunger Games devotees on Facebook, who are counting down until they get to see Katniss on the big screen, we now have answers to these questions and much more!

And if you have even more hunger for the games there is actually a new Facebook game called “The Hunger Games Adventures” which features the very first official map of Panem and will be launching on March 23!

So head over to Facebook and let your voice be heard! And of course go see The Hunger Games when it opens March 23 in theaters everywhere!!!

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