'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Nicole's New Look: Surgery? Expert Answers!

The Jersey Shore cast has everyone talking! First Snooki, then The Situation, now Deena Nicole

Deena stepped out in Las Vegas yesterday with a brand-new look that has some wondering if she's gone under the surgeon's knife. Celebuzz hit up  Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery to comment. NOTE: Dr. Chiu did not treat Deena; his assessment is based on analyzing numerous before and after photos.

Firstly, the good doctor notes that she's "obviously darkened her hair [and] is using different makeup."

As to any procedures she might have had done, he says, "Judging by these photos only, it looks like Deena has definitely plumped up her lips with a filler like Juvederm. They are so overfilled, she can’t even pucker up to blow a kiss!"

Deena has admitted to a nose job in the past, prior to filming season 4 of the MTV show that made her famous.

"If she did have nose work again, it was minimal, but I doubt she had any more," Dr. Chiu says.

"Deena also appears to have used fillers to soften some of her features and reduce the hollowness/flatness under her eyes," he adds. "This can be achieved with Restylane or Perlane in the cheeks. More specifically, Deena may have injected in the 'apple' of her cheeks to soften the transition to her nose and undereye areas. Also, injection into the lower cheeks may have been performed to decrease the sharpness of her jawline, as seen by the reduction of the fold lateral to her dimples."

"Finally," he says, "Deena appears to have had Botox or Dysport injected into the area between her brows. While a change in makeup can cause the raising/widening of her medial brows, she conspicuously has a smooth lower forehead and the lines of the upper forehead are in a higher position in some of her photos -- which I doubt is a natural expression."



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  • Lola


  • Jaime Pepita Gentile
    Jaime Pepita Gentile

    yup you are right! ..wait til you see her teeth!

  • Chuck McGinnis
    Chuck McGinnis

    She just looks like she has less makeup on

  • staylor

    I think she looks like Gloria Estefan

  • kelli

    omg she looks horrible lol

  • lolwtfew

    'She looks funny now.,. really.

  • Nancy

    I don't think this is Deena.

  • naomi

    SHE GOT HER NOSE DONE!!!!! it looks like she cant even pucker her lips....

  • kamiluccha

    she looks like 40 years old :OO

  • Gina

    Looks like she had something done,I thought the nose at first but it's still big.

  • Deisy Orellana
    Deisy Orellana

    they messed up her nose worst than what it was lol

  • Cristina Soltero Monteagudo
    Cristina Soltero Monteagudo

    where the hell did this name come upp here, i'm not this person

  • Cristina Soltero Monteagudo
    Cristina Soltero Monteagudo

    that's def surgery!

  • Jenny Ng
    Jenny Ng

    No, looks like just some weight lose, preferably with working out and possibly a dermatologist hook-up with an awesome facial and some micro-dermabraion action!

  • Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Johnson

    I think she looks like she lost weight. That's what I'm thinking...

  • Randel Tye Graham
    Randel Tye Graham

    she looks way better very pretty

  • newyork1234

    def got some botox, lift cheeks, she looked so much better before..what's going on with these chicks!

  • newyork1234

    ah! she looked so much better before!

  • newyork1234

    DEF DEF DEF BOTOX! not lost weight..her entire face has changed!

  • Stephanie

    She was ugly before and uglier now didnt think it could get any worse!

  • Nikki Henson
    Nikki Henson

    I think she's just lost weight, JWOWW looked the exact same way after she lost the pounds.

  • Selma

    Like the hair, the make up not so much.

  • Selma

    Omg learn proper english..

  • Kazzy

    No she doesn't look good. She looks awful now. Aged well before her time. Poor thing. the long shirt doesn't do her any favors either since she's so short..it makes her look chunkier than she really is.

  • danielleakame

    oh wow...i thought they were comparing her to the mob wives. she looks not so hot in the after photo! yikes. obv she had work done!!!

  • TAMIKA21

    OMG what she do with yourself , when i look this picture in right side i am scary I AM SHOCK :o OMG ,she look like guy right now if the picture is true OMG :o , she is not prrety right now the natural look is better OMG STELL IN SHOCK


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