Kim Kardashian Talks Divorce on ‘Leno’: I Know I Made the Right Decision (VIDEO)

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Kim Kardashian spoke candidly about her divorce from Kris Humprhies on Wednesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, revealing that, despite all of the media scrutiny and heartbreak, she made the right decision.

“I’m a girl that really believes in love,” she declared. “I’m in love with love, and I thought this was it for me. But when I realized it wasn’t, I thought — I’ve always tried to be really respectful of everyone involved. I wanted to be fair to me, but I wanted to be fair to someone else.”

“I hear stories of people that are married for 10 years and they knew it wasn’t right but they wanted to stick it out, and then they involved kids,” she added. “I want that forever, and I believed in love, I still do, but I felt like, to be fair to everyone, I just knew I had to end it. I’m okay with that decision. I know I made the right decision.”

Kim also talked about the intense reaction from the media, concluding that it changed the way she values things in life.

“I really think everything happens for a reason,” she said.

Check out a clip from the interview in our video now!