Steven Tyler Criticizes Heejun’s Performance on ‘American Idol’: Did Heejun Go Too Far? (VIDEO)

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There was an unusually tense moment on Wednesday night’s episode of American Idol following Heejun Han’s quirky – but slightly bizarre – take on the Billy Joel classic “My Life.”

Heejun’s antics, which involved switching up his song at the beginning, then ripping off his tuxedo shirt as he launched into “My Life,” didn’t sit well with judge Steven Tyler, who appeared uncomfortable and unhappy throughout the performance.

When it was his turn to speak, Steven had very harsh words for the 22-year-old from Queens, NY.

“I’m a little tongue-tied. Are you happy that you took the p*** out of that song?” Steven asked to a confused Heejun.

“The music business will kick your a**. At some point, you gotta try and take it more serious, just a little bit more. You’ve got a great voice,” Steven added, before turning the mic over to fellow judge Randy Jackson.

Obviously, Heejun’s performance was a risky move, but did he go too far, or was Steven just being cranky? Watch the video and commentary now, then cast your vote in our poll!