Bikini-Clad Selena Gomez Gets Arrested in 'Spring Breakers' Scene (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez is ditching her squeaky-clean Disney image and ready to show the world her wild side.

Of course, it's all in a days work for the 19-year-old singer/actress, who is currently filming scenes for her movie Spring Breakers in Florida. Last night, SelGo posted a picture of herself in a neon bikini standing in front of a cop car with co-star Ashley Benson on Twitter.

"Lol I'm so lame. Having way too much getting arrested."

Check out more of Selena's sexiest bikini moments in the gallery.

Gorgeous actresses Vanessa Hudgens and SelGo have been flaunting their sexy bikini bods while filming scenes for the film.

During filming, the gals jumped into a hot tub, with SelGo wearing a neon orange bikini and V-Hud opting for a bright pink two piece. Later in the night, the girls were seen smoking cigarettes and partying as the cameras rolled on set.


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  • tahiya

    sexiest of all sexiest

  • baby

    ok 3 things to say; #1 jb looks likes a migit, #2 what is with the bandage on his leg? did he get a boo-boo? haha jk. #3 that has to be a push up, in the rest of the pics they aren't that big.

  • kardashiansonmydick

    love to grab her hair and do her from behind

  • dave1001

    Selena looks insanely hot here. Would love to cum all over her flat tummy so much.

  • Jo

    she tends to wear push up bikini's i've noticed. suppose it helps her look more curvy cause she kinda lacks in the hip area in comparison. she does look good here though

  • maintguy69

    looks like she just woke up

  • maintguy69

    maybe, you know what they say about big feet.

  • maintguy69

    yes it does show her mound, I mean body nicely

  • haley

    u go girly u can rock any clothing

  • Akshay Agarwal
    Akshay Agarwal

    i love selena gomez

  • Cam L Toe
    Cam L Toe

    Camel Toe-mez

  • becky

    is it just me or does his foot look huge?

  • emmacool

    she looks like she's gonna dance in her bikini on the dance floor!

  • emmacool

    wowo she looks almost OTT hot!!

  • Zeke

    Looks bangin' here. That push-up top does good things for her.

  • Zeke

    Her boobs and abs look better in this pic than most.

  • javi

    first i know they are posing for there own instagram pics ashley and selena but i could have work better with the girls handcuffed or all of them in the squad car. second also posing with the fake cops would have being cool

  • BEP#1

    Ay Caramba! Chicis Grande!


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