Fans Throw Support Behind Kim Kardashian Following Flour Bombing

Kim Flour Bombed
Details into Kim Kardashian's flour bombing. Read More »

When you mess with Kim Kardashian, you mess with her fans. Following Thursday night's incident that left the reality star covered in flour, Celebuzz readers came to Kim's aide with a slew of supportive comments on our Facebook, Twitter and website

Kim was flour bombed while promoting her new fragrance True Reflection at the London Hotel. The TV star reacted like a lady, brushing herself off and returning to the carpet. The LAPD tells Celebuzz that Kim has decided not to press charges. 

However, the fashionista's fans are not so forgiving. See what our readers had to say: 

Natasha Boone- "Not cool ... for those who are lmao'ing, if someone did that too you it wouldn't think it funny."

Evelyn Ibarra- "NOOO!! poor kim"

Taina Jauregui- "That is so mean. People nowadays are soo cruel."

Shivana Maraj - "I love hw she handled it though. very professional."

Laurena- "Really people?! Shes a human being too that is horrible how about throwing flour on the bastard politicians or the money hungry filthy rich people who are the real ones taking our money, i cant believe someone would do this to her what has she done that is just so horribly wrong!?!?!"

AJ Talwar- "She handled it like a champ! Good for her or laughing or off and being professional!"

Vincent M Diaz- "That's Way Not Cool! This really Sucks."

Astrid Zeledon- "I'm not a fan of her but come on! That's not funny at all."

Suzanne- "Sorry to hear this happened to you, Kim. I would also like to say that the person who did this should be reprimanded for their actions against you. I just don’t understand why people are so hateful, instead of being happy for others that are trying to be positive & productive persons in our society. Nonetheless, good for you girl! You dusted your self off (no pun intended) & went right back on to your business..Your the business girlie, you go Girl!!!"

Aidyl Joyce Quiling Auman- "Be strong kimmy..."

Laura Marie - "Poor Kim...people are so rude!"

James Lance Herrington- "That was really immature just because u may not like Kim doesn't mean u should dump a bag of flour on her so stupid............. if i were Kim i would have beat the crap out of the person just saying."

Alexandria Silva Gonzalez - "Horrible, stupid girl shld of got arrested for assault!!!!"

Sarah Stich Gonnering-- "BULLIES SUCK. It's not okay to hurt or humiliate people with your fists or your words."

Leave your support for Kim in the comments!



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  • Putri

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  • Leilei

    HAHAHAHA I'm a woman and this made me laugh so much. I needed that.

  • Jon

    so you are against leather and fur coats??

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    They just had pics of her on line in FUR a while back!!! MAny people were very upset about it. Especially since Khloe did pics for Peta "naked".............. Kim doesn't think when she does things. She just does what ever she wants or thinks looks good on her. To hell with tortured animals. As long as KIMMY looks good. THAT is why she got floured. The girl was going easy on Kim and NOT doing it because Peta told her to. THInk a little. Peta wouldn't be that NICE to Kim K. LOL

  • Danny

    I wonder if Kim might not have hired her to do this, after all it had been a slow week for her in the media.

  • Me

    and why shouldnt ppl be held accountable for their actions??? As much anger as i sense in your comment on your hate for all things kardashian....i must point out you still took the the time to read the article about her.... im sure no one forced you to do that....if you hate them so much, why did you occupy your time reading about them? at the end of the day, no matter how petty, the lady needs to be held responsible for what she did....

  • .

    It was a charity event you slob.

  • jtk

    she does an excellent job embarrassing and humiliating herself for the public. not sure why a little more would bother you humorless prudes.

  • Mary

    So, was it done because she is wearing leather pants? Pleather can be pretty convincing, so they'd wanna be sure...

  • ashley

    seriously shes gonna press charges she seriously wants more money she threw them cus whats shes doin these horrible animals and people working for her fuking dumass she deserves it she doesnt give a fuk about n e budy seriously khloe saying shes disgusted about what the lady did seriously how about how disgusted r we with the kardashians and the bullshit they do fuking cmonn'

  • Dawn Nicole
    Dawn Nicole

    ok she might be wearing >pleather does that lady really know...<3

  • Dawn Nicole
    Dawn Nicole

    does she support animad abuse?I dont get why that lady did that?Ive never seen her in fur....<3.

  • Noah

    Olivia, when you turn 18, it's your legal and social responsibility as a woman to carry flour around in your purse in case someone asks you to bake them some cupcakes.

  • Olivia Salzman
    Olivia Salzman

    wait just confused though like who carries flour in their purse with them?!

  • Olivia Salzman
    Olivia Salzman

    omg her makeup look is GORGEOUS OMGOGMGOGM

  • Olivia Salzman
    Olivia Salzman

    look at the lady's face omg lol shes like UHOH but really who has the nerve to do that to someone? yeah, she might not agree with all of the stuff you do but she gives to charity, and her and her family have all helped PETA before. so disappointed in PETA im sorry kimmy i loveyou

  • K

    Are you slow? Seriously your spelling is disgusting...a bit like your love for that fat assed, narcissistic, vapid piece of crap Kim!

  • leeann il gi
    leeann il gi

    umm honey ur stupid ur judeging a person u dont even now lame !!!!!! a$$ hole u wish ur kim k so shut ur ass up and go learn how to behave ur self a$$ hole

  • Kim Shannon
    Kim Shannon

    :O .......... uyyyyyyyyy

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    Whatever anyone says about her, she is very attractive....

  • Amy Kathryn Magallanes
    Amy Kathryn Magallanes

    she isn't at a charity event, she is promoting her new fragrance. (making more money for herself...) who is the ignorant one...

  • stacy181

    I hope u r a vegetarian, u can eat the cow but u can't wear it lol

  • armando

    now she is all ashy ... lol

  • helen

    she was prob just some jealous cow i think what she did was is horrible !!!

  • Manel

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  • Lourenco

    Are you crazy? WHAT IS SHE DISHING OUT??! Nothing. She's just living her life, she's not doing anything to hurt or embarrass you. You people just like to bitch about SOMETHING.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    PETA kills more than 95 percent of the pets in its charge at its Norfolk, Va., headquarters.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    Who cares... if someone wants to wear fur, it's their perrogative. You freakin PETA people need to get a grip on reality and get jobs. Get over yourselves, nobody cares about your cause. According to a 2010 report by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, of the 4,569 pets received by PETA that year, 3,630 were euthanized. In 2011, out of 2,050 pets PETA received that year, 1,965 were euthanized.

  • texastoast

    Marissa ur right it didn't hurt her just hurt her pride, she only cares about her looks and if she isn't perfect or someone makes her look less then picture perfect then they get into trouble but if it happened in the less advantaged ppl then they would have to deal with it and let it slide.I wish it got on her face then that would be something to press charges on, come on Kim get 4 real and deal with ppl seeing something u don't want happen to u or just stop wearing fur b/c it makes u look like a boot foot clown.

  • leeann il gi
    leeann il gi

    kim with or with out the flour u still look gorgues so y care about all these haters i like u kim and ur sisters cause ur level haded and i hpe keepin up with th kk will have another seson cause ur life is amaz <3 #1 fan ; leeann :))))!!!!!

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    It's flour.... lol it didn't HURT Kim in anyway. And frankly, she deserves it. I have ZERO respect for people who wears an animals SKIN for fashion. I wish it was red paint.

  • David Turnbull
    David Turnbull

    the fat lez who did it. JEALOUS. she still rocks the flour

  • lurose90

    Bravo! I like the kardashians, but Kim is not my favorite person right now.

  • sm

    KIM ur STYLL AWESOME ! AND BEAUTIFUL !! LOVE UU!!! fk them haters!

  • Devin Suki
    Devin Suki


  • Devin Suki
    Devin Suki

    If she's dishing it out she can take it. Its not even as if she consuming the animals, respects the animals being kill because she's wearing it purely for fashion and chances are that she'll never wear those fur pieces again. If you for a second think that killing animals is more human than Kim Kardashian getting floured you're sick. Also i didn't see this much outrage when Kim bullied Khloe.

  • Jo Jetty
    Jo Jetty

    Honestly, you are giving a ridiculous opinion here and you can't even spell basic elementary-level words when writing it? I could be wrong, but I didn't see a single flower hurled at Kim. And I don't know what kind of warped sense of humor you have, but in all the coverage of this story, I haven't seen even one person laughing about it, so I'm going to have to disagree with you that it was "funny" as you said. I will acknowledge, however, that there are probably other twisted, low-level people who joined you in thinking it was funny - people who hide behind their computer monitors in anonymity. In the future, if you are going to share an opinion, even one as disgusting as the one you shared here, learn how to spell your words and proper, basic grammar.

  • Maria Del Carmen Rueda
    Maria Del Carmen Rueda

    Maybe it was all part of the show.

  • Maria Del Carmen Rueda
    Maria Del Carmen Rueda

    She laughed about it people who get mad need to get over it. If Kim had a laugh about it then others can too.

  • Neema NeNe Kaluta
    Neema NeNe Kaluta

    That crazy woman ´, what was she thinking before she do that. why people are so jealous of Kim K???

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores

    Honey it was staged! No crying, no arrest, PIMPMAMA on hand to witness the event! PIMPMAMA did not even flinch at the act! Please GMAFB!

  • Rach

    Really? It's FLOUR! No wonder this society believes everyone should be wrapped in cotton wool.

  • mederica


  • mederica


  • Nicole

    i agree with you Karla, some people are just haters, omg. especially the loser using all caps lock.

  • aubrey

    oh so humiliating someone when they are out minding their own business is okay. hm, so if that happened to you, i'm guessing it'll still just be laughable right?

  • Karla Perica
    Karla Perica

    calm down hahah

  • mederica


  • mederica


  • Nono

    I may not be crazy for Kim because of her T.V. gig, but really, this is true hate that no one deserves. My suggestion to Kim, go inhiding, it would be better for your aura

  • Karla Perica
    Karla Perica

    you're even worse

  • Joehaw Rose
    Joehaw Rose

    Kim dont let it affeact you hater are willing to do anything to shout you down and prove them other wizes be strong minded and show them your better than this

  • mederica


  • Karla Perica
    Karla Perica

    I can't believe that someone is actually capable of doing something like this to a person they don't even know.

  • Trisha

    Exactly right! Just because PETA repeatedly politely appealed to Kim, it doesn't mean Kim can't form her own decisions (although even I question those!) about choosing to wear fur or leather or whatever. No one has the right to harm your person with anything.

  • RIchard

    I don't see the media making a big deal when politicans get glitter bombed, do you? This shouldn't be a headline.

  • alton

    thats what they want you 2 believe!

  • twinklemepink06

    can you change the spelling of the picture text to "flour." Thanks.

  • Amanda

    I dont think this is funny, its actullay bullying and no one deserves that...

  • Maltese Fan 2
    Maltese Fan 2

    You are absolutely 100% right. Fuck you Kris Humpries and stop making fun of the most gorgeous celebrity ever. Love you Kimmy

  • alton

    They behave like that all the time,the sister did that 2 their own mother while she was sleeping on the couch.Respect, its nothing 4 them 2 tell their mother 2 go suck a man penis,Respect, they don't know what that is!

  • Sara Vittelli
    Sara Vittelli

    was prolly hired by hump ;)

  • ada

    wasn't a prank, apparently the person who threw it at her was a fur activist...

  • Sara Vittelli
    Sara Vittelli

    LOL theres even flour on the mic. GOOD AIM! hehe

  • alton

    What is wrong with U people,this family love pranking they did the same thing 2 their mother while she was sleeping on the couch,they love a good prank,they are known 4 pranking the sister prank kris H.Now that its Kim getting prank some of U feel sorry 4 her,everyone they don't mine sueing people TMZ reported she isn't pressing charges, Aleya Monet Swopes is right! GET OVER IT!!!

  • Whitney Williams
    Whitney Williams

    I am disturbed and ashamed that people still act this way. "Lack of respect that


    That was really immature just because u may not like Kim doesn’t mean u should THAT CRAZY SHI*** ....WE STELL LOVE KARDASHIAN 4EVER <3<3<3 DON'T BOTHER KIM WE <3 YOU

  • Aleya Monet Swopes
    Aleya Monet Swopes

    you guys are acting like she got stabbed or something. she just got flower bombed. its funny. it's not like her life was endangered. it was a prank. lighten up.

  • Aleya Monet Swopes
    Aleya Monet Swopes

    it's just flower bombing. it aint that deep.

  • ping

    I don't get people who say she deserved it, shes at a charity even you ignorant children.

  • Maltese fan
    Maltese fan

    maybe the assaulter was paid to do so .... smelling Kris Humps !!!!

  • name


  • Penelopi Kokkinias
    Penelopi Kokkinias

    people are so stupid, Kimmie handled the situation and stood her ground, she did not stoup too this persons low class level.