Fans Throw Support Behind Kim Kardashian Following Flour Bombing

Kim Flour Bombed
Details into Kim Kardashian's flour bombing.
When you mess with Kim Kardashian, you mess with her fans. Following Thursday night’s incident that left the reality star covered in flour, Celebuzz readers came to Kim’s aide with a slew of supportive comments on our Facebook, Twitter and website

Kim was flour bombed while promoting her new fragrance True Reflection at the London Hotel. The TV star reacted like a lady, brushing herself off and returning to the carpet. The LAPD tells Celebuzz that Kim has decided not to press charges. 

However, the fashionista’s fans are not so forgiving. See what our readers had to say: 

Natasha Boone- “Not cool … for those who are lmao’ing, if someone did that too you it wouldn’t think it funny.”

Evelyn Ibarra- “NOOO!! poor kim”

Taina Jauregui- “That is so mean. People nowadays are soo cruel.”

Shivana Maraj - “I love hw she handled it though. very professional.”

Laurena- “Really people?! Shes a human being too that is horrible how about throwing flour on the bastard politicians or the money hungry filthy rich people who are the real ones taking our money, i cant believe someone would do this to her what has she done that is just so horribly wrong!?!?!”

AJ Talwar- “She handled it like a champ! Good for her or laughing or off and being professional!”

Vincent M Diaz- “That’s Way Not Cool! This really Sucks.”

Astrid Zeledon- “I’m not a fan of her but come on! That’s not funny at all.”

Suzanne- “Sorry to hear this happened to you, Kim. I would also like to say that the person who did this should be reprimanded for their actions against you. I just don’t understand why people are so hateful, instead of being happy for others that are trying to be positive & productive persons in our society. Nonetheless, good for you girl! You dusted your self off (no pun intended) & went right back on to your business..Your the business girlie, you go Girl!!!”

Aidyl Joyce Quiling Auman- “Be strong kimmy…”

Laura Marie - “Poor Kim…people are so rude!”

James Lance Herrington- “That was really immature just because u may not like Kim doesn’t mean u should dump a bag of flour on her so stupid…………. if i were Kim i would have beat the crap out of the person just saying.”

Alexandria Silva Gonzalez - “Horrible, stupid girl shld of got arrested for assault!!!!”

Sarah Stich Gonnering– “BULLIES SUCK. It’s not okay to hurt or humiliate people with your fists or your words.”

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