Flashback Friday: Jennifer Lawrence Celebrates 'Sweet 16' (VIDEO)

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Today marks one of the most anticipated movie premieres in years with The Hunger Games FINALLY hitting theaters. We have our own tribute to star Jennifer Lawrence

Hit the rewind button and take a look at her before the fame, before her Oscar nomination, way back even before her movie career kicked off -- in this week's Flashback Friday!!!

As with many young actors, they've got to get their start somewhere. For JLaw, it was on a series of commercial spots for MTV's Sweet 16 series. Although she was not featured on the actual show itself, she provided the teen archetype for the teems typically featured on the show.


The series documented the lives of teenagers of wealthy parents who throw huge celebrations to mark their most notable birthday. Parties included quinceaƱeras and other big birthdays, including a My Super Sweet 21 and My Super Swag 18. The series used "Sweet Sixteen" by Hilary Duff as the theme song.

During the 3-year-run (2005-2008), a number of celebrity coming of age parties were also featured. Bow Wow, Sean Kingston, Aly and AJ, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Tell Em all had their parties filmed for the series.

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  • Paula

    Jen is amazing! I came across her last year when I was doing a project for school, the project was based on people who have changed the world for better. My choices were Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer. I got very good marks on this project and i enjoyed every moment of research. I learned fanstastic things about Jen that I hadnt known before. She is a great inspiration!!!

  • Annya Nathaniel
    Annya Nathaniel

    JLaw is my idol