Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed in Los Angeles

the bomb!
Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed

Kim Kardashian was attending an event Thursday night to promote her new fragrance True Reflection when a woman busted through the press line at the red carpet and threw baking flour on Kim's head and back.

Kim, unharmed, was quickly whisked away from the powdery scene, which all took place at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, CA. The woman who threw the flour, rumored to be an anti-fur activist, was detained by security, and the fire department and paramedics were called to the event as a precaution. After determining the substance was not dangerous and just flour, they left the hotel.

Ever the professional, Kim shook off the excess, dusted her shoulders off and headed back to the event. She told E! with a laugh, "That probably is the craziest, unexpected, weird thing that ever happened to me. Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that's a whole lot of translucent powder right there."

Although PETA denied that they were behind the incident, the organization’s Senior Vice President Lisa Lange told Celebuzz:

“PETA has tried everything from polite letters to public protests, but Kim Kardashian has not been moved by the news that animals are beaten, electrocuted, and even skinned alive for real fur garments. Whoever threw that flour may reach her when our polite appeals did not.”
Kris Jenner also laughed off the incident, saying, "If anybody comes at me with something, call security."

Sister Kourtney tweeted,

Classy to flour bomb my sister at her charity event helping women. I wonder if they would have dared thrown the flour at my hormonal and pregnant self!
Naturally, sister Khloe chimed in on Twitter, as well:

I love you @KimKardashian you are a flour princess! :) see you in the morning sister!

The LA County Sheriff's Department responded to the hotel, but left after Kim told deputies she did not want to press any charges. The woman was released and left the hotel.

A Celebuzz fan who was at the event posted on our Facebook page, "I WAS THERE!! she handled it SOOOOO WELL! amazing!!! we all cheered her on when she came back ONLY 10 min later! Amazing!!"



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  • Leilei

    HAHAHAHA I'm a woman and this made me laugh so much. I needed that.

  • Jon

    so you are against leather and fur coats??

  • josh-85

    fuuu.. stinky jealousy smell, good luck, you will really need it girl ;-) BEST!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    They just had pics of her on line in FUR a while back!!! MAny people were very upset about it. Especially since Khloe did pics for Peta "naked".............. Kim doesn't think when she does things. She just does what ever she wants or thinks looks good on her. To hell with tortured animals. As long as KIMMY looks good. THAT is why she got floured. The girl was going easy on Kim and NOT doing it because Peta told her to. THInk a little. Peta wouldn't be that NICE to Kim K. LOL

  • Danny

    I wonder if Kim might not have hired her to do this, after all it had been a slow week for her in the media.

  • Me

    and why shouldnt ppl be held accountable for their actions??? As much anger as i sense in your comment on your hate for all things kardashian....i must point out you still took the the time to read the article about her.... im sure no one forced you to do that....if you hate them so much, why did you occupy your time reading about them? at the end of the day, no matter how petty, the lady needs to be held responsible for what she did....

  • .

    It was a charity event you slob.

  • jtk

    she does an excellent job embarrassing and humiliating herself for the public. not sure why a little more would bother you humorless prudes.

  • Mary

    So, was it done because she is wearing leather pants? Pleather can be pretty convincing, so they'd wanna be sure...

  • ashley

    seriously shes gonna press charges she seriously wants more money she threw them cus whats shes doin these horrible animals and people working for her fuking dumass she deserves it she doesnt give a fuk about n e budy seriously khloe saying shes disgusted about what the lady did seriously how about how disgusted r we with the kardashians and the bullshit they do fuking cmonn'

  • Dawn Nicole
    Dawn Nicole

    ok she might be wearing >pleather does that lady really know...<3

  • Dawn Nicole
    Dawn Nicole

    does she support animad abuse?I dont get why that lady did that?Ive never seen her in fur....<3.

  • Noah

    Olivia, when you turn 18, it's your legal and social responsibility as a woman to carry flour around in your purse in case someone asks you to bake them some cupcakes.

  • Olivia Salzman
    Olivia Salzman

    wait just confused though like who carries flour in their purse with them?!

  • Olivia Salzman
    Olivia Salzman

    omg her makeup look is GORGEOUS OMGOGMGOGM

  • Olivia Salzman
    Olivia Salzman

    look at the lady's face omg lol shes like UHOH but really who has the nerve to do that to someone? yeah, she might not agree with all of the stuff you do but she gives to charity, and her and her family have all helped PETA before. so disappointed in PETA im sorry kimmy i loveyou

  • K

    Are you slow? Seriously your spelling is disgusting...a bit like your love for that fat assed, narcissistic, vapid piece of crap Kim!

  • leeann il gi
    leeann il gi

    umm honey ur stupid ur judeging a person u dont even now lame !!!!!! a$$ hole u wish ur kim k so shut ur ass up and go learn how to behave ur self a$$ hole

  • Kim Shannon
    Kim Shannon

    :O .......... uyyyyyyyyy

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    Whatever anyone says about her, she is very attractive....

  • christina

    Another sign of people who need professional treatment lol

  • Laura Elizabeth Payne
    Laura Elizabeth Payne

    Giving money to dozens of charities is stuck up? Helping a homeless man get back on his feet is stuck up? Did you even read why she was at this event? It was Dress for success which helps women get clothes for interviews to find jobs. How does that make her stuck up? Dusting off the flour and going back out there makes her stuck up? If she were stuck up she wouldn't have been there in the first place. She's not fat either. Just because she's not a size zero doesn't mean she's fat. You are a jerk.

  • Amy Kathryn Magallanes
    Amy Kathryn Magallanes

    she isn't at a charity event, she is promoting her new fragrance. (making more money for herself...) who is the ignorant one...

  • stacy181

    I hope u r a vegetarian, u can eat the cow but u can't wear it lol

  • armando

    now she is all ashy ... lol

  • helen

    she was prob just some jealous cow i think what she did was is horrible !!!

  • Manel

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  • Lourenco

    Are you crazy? WHAT IS SHE DISHING OUT??! Nothing. She's just living her life, she's not doing anything to hurt or embarrass you. You people just like to bitch about SOMETHING.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    PETA kills more than 95 percent of the pets in its charge at its Norfolk, Va., headquarters.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    Who cares... if someone wants to wear fur, it's their perrogative. You freakin PETA people need to get a grip on reality and get jobs. Get over yourselves, nobody cares about your cause. According to a 2010 report by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, of the 4,569 pets received by PETA that year, 3,630 were euthanized. In 2011, out of 2,050 pets PETA received that year, 1,965 were euthanized.

  • texastoast

    Marissa ur right it didn't hurt her just hurt her pride, she only cares about her looks and if she isn't perfect or someone makes her look less then picture perfect then they get into trouble but if it happened in the less advantaged ppl then they would have to deal with it and let it slide.I wish it got on her face then that would be something to press charges on, come on Kim get 4 real and deal with ppl seeing something u don't want happen to u or just stop wearing fur b/c it makes u look like a boot foot clown.

  • Rene Ramos Avendaño
    Rene Ramos Avendaño

    Could this be just a celebrity stunt by the "Kardashian Brand"?

  • leeann il gi
    leeann il gi

    kim with or with out the flour u still look gorgues so y care about all these haters i like u kim and ur sisters cause ur level haded and i hpe keepin up with th kk will have another seson cause ur life is amaz <3 #1 fan ; leeann :))))!!!!!

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    It's flour.... lol it didn't HURT Kim in anyway. And frankly, she deserves it. I have ZERO respect for people who wears an animals SKIN for fashion. I wish it was red paint.

  • Connie Terry
    Connie Terry

    Wow it just shows not everybody likes her, famous for no reason at all, like I said hope she never looses her looks, man what is she going to do? Plus she's rich someone will clean her up, I'm sure, it's just flour, could of been acid, so she should maybe lay low,, ,,,,, lol that's my opinion, only mine, I'm allowed, ok flour lol that's funny,

  • David Turnbull
    David Turnbull

    the fat lez who did it. JEALOUS. she still rocks the flour

  • lurose90

    Bravo! I like the kardashians, but Kim is not my favorite person right now.

  • sm

    KIM ur STYLL AWESOME ! AND BEAUTIFUL !! LOVE UU!!! fk them haters!

  • TruthBeTold

    who can't see that this is straight let's get the public sympathy setup by Pimp Mama and Kim herself? duhh ... you fall for her need for fame soo easily ... wake up! Led to the water ... drink fools, drink

  • Devin Suki
    Devin Suki


  • Devin Suki
    Devin Suki

    If she's dishing it out she can take it. Its not even as if she consuming the animals, respects the animals being kill because she's wearing it purely for fashion and chances are that she'll never wear those fur pieces again. If you for a second think that killing animals is more human than Kim Kardashian getting floured you're sick. Also i didn't see this much outrage when Kim bullied Khloe.

  • Jo Jetty
    Jo Jetty

    Honestly, you are giving a ridiculous opinion here and you can't even spell basic elementary-level words when writing it? I could be wrong, but I didn't see a single flower hurled at Kim. And I don't know what kind of warped sense of humor you have, but in all the coverage of this story, I haven't seen even one person laughing about it, so I'm going to have to disagree with you that it was "funny" as you said. I will acknowledge, however, that there are probably other twisted, low-level people who joined you in thinking it was funny - people who hide behind their computer monitors in anonymity. In the future, if you are going to share an opinion, even one as disgusting as the one you shared here, learn how to spell your words and proper, basic grammar.

  • Maria Del Carmen Rueda
    Maria Del Carmen Rueda

    Maybe it was all part of the show.

  • Maria Del Carmen Rueda
    Maria Del Carmen Rueda

    She laughed about it people who get mad need to get over it. If Kim had a laugh about it then others can too.

  • Neema NeNe Kaluta
    Neema NeNe Kaluta

    That crazy woman ´, what was she thinking before she do that. why people are so jealous of Kim K???

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores

    Honey it was staged! No crying, no arrest, PIMPMAMA on hand to witness the event! PIMPMAMA did not even flinch at the act! Please GMAFB!

  • ME


  • Rach

    Really? It's FLOUR! No wonder this society believes everyone should be wrapped in cotton wool.

  • mederica


  • mederica


  • Nicole

    i agree with you Karla, some people are just haters, omg. especially the loser using all caps lock.

  • aubrey

    oh so humiliating someone when they are out minding their own business is okay. hm, so if that happened to you, i'm guessing it'll still just be laughable right?

  • Karla Perica
    Karla Perica

    calm down hahah

  • mederica


  • mederica


  • Nono

    I may not be crazy for Kim because of her T.V. gig, but really, this is true hate that no one deserves. My suggestion to Kim, go inhiding, it would be better for your aura

  • Karla Perica
    Karla Perica

    you're even worse

  • Joehaw Rose
    Joehaw Rose

    Kim dont let it affeact you hater are willing to do anything to shout you down and prove them other wizes be strong minded and show them your better than this

  • mederica


  • Karla Perica
    Karla Perica

    I can't believe that someone is actually capable of doing something like this to a person they don't even know.

  • Trisha

    Exactly right! Just because PETA repeatedly politely appealed to Kim, it doesn't mean Kim can't form her own decisions (although even I question those!) about choosing to wear fur or leather or whatever. No one has the right to harm your person with anything.

  • Taylor

    Most people that stick up for Kim, are just like Kim: trash.

  • RIchard

    I don't see the media making a big deal when politicans get glitter bombed, do you? This shouldn't be a headline.

  • Jake

    Blah, blah, blah. It is not envy! It is a sign of protest, go to

  • twist

    She was in PUBLIC! She wouldn't make a fool of herself and throw a fit... it was flour... NOT Shit! And what else could she do to save face but act that way... I'm sure all her entourage told her just how to act about it, because the girl sure as hell doesn't know how to THINK for herself. She's told how to act, talk, what to say... all her products are NOT created by her...they are created by folks who really DO work for a living, and not exploit their fake bodies all over the place! Get over it... she doesn't deserve respect for the issue of wearing real fur!!! That is what is behind this attack, and that is what the issue is for, yet again, media makes it all all about KIM! Geesh, what a sleaze...and media follows in a close second!

  • twist

    You couldn't judge my marriage of 32 yrs... Its a lasting one, made out of love...not publicity... Made from genuine care for my man, not out of a gal who just wants to stay in the publicity rags... The only person who deserves respect in the family is Bruce Jenner! He has the misfortune to have to deal with all the craziness that goes on in that household... but Kim by far is the worst of the bunch... no respect at all for her. Her sisters do really work like real folks, and are not in the news every day over one thing or another. I give them respect. Kim can try all she wants to do fragrances, and makeup etc... she has no real work ability except to flaunt her beautiful, yet very plastic, body, and use men like they are garbage under her feet. She needs to grow up and be a REAL woman... one who gives real love, and not just play for the cameras. Shes gorgeous... she doesn't have to do all the crap she does to gain the attention... shes rich, so she doesn't have to be flagrant about that either... lets see the Kim start being a real charity giver with her billions... and give to some real money to great causes, and not have to be advertising it in the media ... she would get far more respect that way than she does now.

  • RussTCage

    I always though it was strange that they always throw stuff on women with furs, but never the biker gang wearing leather.

  • twist

    She definitely deserves this!!! And much much more! The girl is nothing more than a s**t who uses her body to make her money. Nothing more than a prostitute sleeping with every man she can. What she did to her husband of a few days is way despicable. Wearing REAL FURS is despicable, but then what can you say of a family of Tarts who have been doing this for years, and no one would have heard of if they didn't exploit themselves for the public! What a sleaze.

  • alton

    thats what they want you 2 believe!

  • twinklemepink06

    can you change the spelling of the picture text to "flour." Thanks.

  • Amanda

    I dont think this is funny, its actullay bullying and no one deserves that...

  • Kassy

    No one deserves that. What's wrong with you?

  • Sara Vittelli
    Sara Vittelli

    was prolly hired by hump ;)

  • ada

    wasn't a prank, apparently the person who threw it at her was a fur activist...

  • Sara Vittelli
    Sara Vittelli

    LOL theres even flour on the mic. GOOD AIM! hehe

  • Aleya Monet Swopes
    Aleya Monet Swopes

    you guys are acting like she got stabbed or something. she just got flower bombed. its funny. it's not like her life was endangered. it was a prank. lighten up.

  • Aleya Monet Swopes
    Aleya Monet Swopes

    it's just flower bombing. it aint that deep.

  • ping

    I don't get people who say she deserved it, shes at a charity even you ignorant children.

  • roween

    I wouldn't be surprised if she arranged for that to happen to get public sympathy. Why was it thrown at her back & not straight to her face if the woman who did it really wanted to make a statement? It wasn't like there was serious security around her. If the pie thrower was able to do it to Rupert Murdoch, how easy would it be to do the same to Kim Kardashian.

  • Perla Espinoza
  • ForEvamine AbeyTa
    ForEvamine AbeyTa


  • newyork1234

    @Maria, if you're hating on her, then atleast learn how to spell. Jeez.

  • jj92


  • Alyxsa

    This shows that people are true haters of those striving for what they want in their life. I don't care if she wore fur or the kitchen sink on her back. That lady was rude and disrepectful to Kim. That lady should be glad that she didn't get snatch up and beat down! Keep ur head up Kim.

  • Nielsen

    This is the happiest day of Kim's life since she got married. She's back in the news and getting a pity party...................

  • X.

    Finally.That is what she really deserves.

  • natttt

    so no one is entitled to do anything wrong in their lives? course, you're perfect, aren't you. obviously not. No one gives Kim any credit for the successes she has had, or the charities and events she supports. She is incredibly smart and an excellent business women, i'd like to see you achieving as much as she has and putting as much effort into achieving success as Kim does. Haters' lives must be so boring, spending the day criticising over the internet, i'd love to see you say it to her face, hahah, as if you would even have the guts. Oh and fyi, playing the "sex tape" card is getting old now, so go and have a good think of other 'criticisms' of Kim before you come back, more for her and us to laugh at :)

  • María Ignacia Gutiérrez Varela
  • newyork1234

    @Fake fake fake..You sound as fake as your screen name. Honestly, please stop speading hate. That's so NOT CLASSY. and to be honest, it wasn't YOUR marriage nor was it YOUR money. I would assume that all your friends are involved in your personal decisions, your mom must make your mate decisions, and this is why you're minding everyone's business. It's not your business hunny. Learn to respect that this was HER decision and HER money.

  • newyork1234

    @MARRISA. I am not no crazy fan of Kim. But honestly, this is rude. And hunny, it was not YOUR money, nor was it YOUR marriage. Stop judging her because you wouldnt want someone to judge your marriage. Neither would you want anyone involved in your marital decisions. Please get over the fact that she takes your money, cause she does not. She earns it just like you do.

  • newyork1234

    @JENJEN, it wasn't for the sex tape. Her father Kardashian, was a really famous Attorney. That's where Mama Jenner got all her respect. and I agree it was HER money and HER marriage. Why are people so dissapointed? would you want anyone involved in your marital decisions? I don't think so!

  • newyork1234

    WOW! @ANONYMOUS. You must be the BIGGEST LOSER ever! to actually take the time to make an account, come to her page, and comment. If you don't like her why are you here? And please, YOU WASNT IN HER MARRIAGE, stop judging her. it was HER marriage and not YOURS. p.s.Oh and stop reading those magazines so you don't have anymore knowledge left.

  • Haterz

    I feel bad for Kim...staged or not it wasn't right to do, and people wonder why kids these days are having such a big prob with bullying! Kids see this crap going on all the time by adults so why wouldn't they think it's alright for them to do the same thing! Kim was a good sport and got right back out there and did her thing! And for your Anti-Fur people...give me a break!! A lot of those furs are shipped if from contractors who buy furs from hunters. Those animals are dead when they skin them so technically they don't feel a thing! Wouldn't you rather see them use their fur for something instead of just throwing it away like alot of hunters do! My family gets paid good money to sell the hides from the animals we hunt...and we only hunt to keep down raging populations of some of the species out there! Some places in this country don't have a choice but to bring the population down! Get off your high horses and go do something productive with your lives! WOW!!

  • newyork1234

    OMG what is wrong with you people? you seem to need more help then kim does!. IT WAS HER marriage. get over it, it wasn't yours. you HAVE no say!

  • M&M


  • Toni-ann Campbell
    Toni-ann Campbell

    i would beat the bitch if I was kim. i would make sure no one thru anything at me again by making her an example

  • KimForever

    HATERS ARE GOING TO HATE. And the people who are writing negative comments, I'm just wondering how come you haters always comment to news with Kim featured in, you're OBVIOUSLY addicted to Kim like I am ;)

  • Hajar Bessal
    Hajar Bessal

    I'm Not Really a Fan But SERRIOUSLY this is just rude and stupid this woman must be soooo bitter to do something like this!

  • Leeann Whodat Losciuto
    Leeann Whodat Losciuto

    that woman should be put in jail i sorry but if some one did that to my child i would woop her ass

  • Leeann Whodat Losciuto
    Leeann Whodat Losciuto

    that woman should be put in jail

  • Olivia2

    woa!!! how can people say kim is their idol..haaaaa that is so she should understand that people are really fed up of her..this lady just took it to the next level by throwing floor at her next time it might be something worse..but sorry for her.

  • Danielle Quesada
    Danielle Quesada

    Thats fucked up! What made the wack job throw flour on her...she must not be all there. Bitches are haters!

  • christina

    Overcoming envy might be similar to dealing with other negative emotions (anger, resentment, etc.). Individuals experiencing anger often seek !professional treatment! (anger management) to help understand why they feel the way they do and how to cope. Subjects experiencing envy often have a skewed perception on how to achieve true happiness.

  • cerys

    No, they've put "flower" in the title for the article.

  • Shatzigurl

    Kim K. is a beautiful person inside and out. You guys sound jealous, She divorced the man because she didn't love him, and he was a bit shovanistic. Atleast she was honest with the man,Kudos to her. She became famous after the reality series, As well as her sisters. They are glamorous, and they work their ass' off for what they have, If they wanna wear fur, So be it, You going to throw flour on everyone who wears fur?? Give me a break?? I doubt it was about fur at all, Probably just a jealous crazy bitch!!! And you go Kourtney for standing up for your sister, I bet you would go after her ass, You are just a little piece of dynamite, You crack me up, and Khloe is crazy as hell, In a good way that is.I love the show, And the whole family is inspiring, They are role models, They work hard, Rather than just sitting around gaining money from mom and Dad, And then stay in the club getting drunk and doing drugs, The young people of today want to sit in their homes doing drugs or hanging in the streets trying to get high,It is a sick shame. I was working at 15, Kids today don't know what worrk is, Stay away from drugs and Yes, Be more like the Kardashian Sisters'. And again, IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY, SAY NOTHING AT ALL.

  • christinab

    I swear people are just jealous what can you say when you have beauty, and smarts! That flour girl is childish and envious and will have to pay for her consequences. Flour girl needs help! Kuddos to Kim K's reaction and being the bigger person that she is and just dusting it off and coming back!

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    this isn't news it's the same thing animal rights activists do when somebody wears a fur coat on the red carpet nor is Kim famous

  • Anna

    Cyber bullying on celebrities is so cool...

  • StarryNight

    It doesnt matter what Kim's finacial status is or what she chooses to wear. So to the haters don't hate her clothes or her lifestyle there are many people out there who arent on camera who wear fur when the cameras arent rolling and that shouldnt have happend that flour women was a complete jealous hater. Kim should now walk down the red carpet next time wearing a beautiful dress with glistening powder on it as a statement to the flour throwing lady, that would be a thumbs up and an F'u to the flour lady!! :)

  • Shajwan I. Khalid
    Shajwan I. Khalid

    am not on anyone's side, but what i think is that respect is more important than trying to prove a point or trying to be heard or noticed. I don't respect the woman for what she did, i actually perceive her as someone ignorant and immature and she needs help. And for Kim shaking it off is the best attitude and behavior. It has nothing to do with what Kim is all about, its a matter of respect.

  • Jimmy

    Some one should of threw dog shit, screw the flour!! Dumb fat, stuck up bitch!!

  • Michelle Spaeth
    Michelle Spaeth

    haha haha !!!!

  • Shelby Laudenschlager
    Shelby Laudenschlager

    Not being funny, but I laughed at this. Yes I dont like her, big deal? Its ONLY flour. Its not like somebody punched her or whatever. As it says, she dusted herself off. Shes fine. Big deal, get over it!

  • Bo

    Unlike you.. she actually cares about people. It's people like you, saying why we would give a fuck, who only think about and care for themselves. It may seem harmless to you but that's exactly why this world has became such a hatred place. People only think about themselves and don't care about what happens to others.. It's not ok to hate celebrities just because they are famous and found something clever to make big money with. What exactly did she do to deserve to be thrown on with flour and get so much hate from others. What exactly did she do to you or in general that you can actually speak out loud that she deserves things like this.

  • Noor Bahman
    Noor Bahman

    Lol...I bet it was a set up. She probably hired the lady to do it for extra attention. Nevertheless what she does or how she lives her life is completely her business. Yes she may have gotten more famous for the sex tape but I guess everyone just has different morals. I'm not a fan of her but she wanted fame and she got it regardless of what she had to do. So what? Life goes on.

  • Matthew Vaughn
    Matthew Vaughn

    Chris Humphrey's shouldn't have done that.

  • Grammar police
    Grammar police

    WHERE was the security? Baby be careful next time! Someone needs to get FIRED from security.

  • Bo

    If she's known for her sextape.. why in the first place did that became such a big of a deal when no one knew about her before? I mean imagine.. if there leaked such a tape of you.. would you become world wide famous like her? Or would only people in your hometown talk about it and no one elsewhere in the world would give a damn about it? I think the answer lays right there.. what you said makes no sense.. The tape only has been made a big deal out of it, because she actually was known before.

  • DUMB

    I'm not even dissing kim right now when I say what a pathetic sad girl you are if that's your dream. What a stupid thing to say.

  • Bo

    Yeahh,, because kris is a Saint... he's the biggest douchebag ever. And no it's not ok to do this to anyone.. she's not the only one wearing fur every once in awhile.. so all people wearing fur should be thrown on flour? I'm not wearing fur myself.. but i think that's a decision one makes for their own. Not every piece of clothing from fur is wrong.. there are clothing lines with fair fur.. were animals weren't killed to do so.. who knows Kim isn't wearing that kind of fur? And even if she doesn't it's not ok to do this to anyone.. like someone said before it's things like this that makes bullying seems ok.. all the hatred in the world, all the sick people doing sick things to people they don't even know.. begins with things like this. If this is ok.. where should we draw a line from where things aren't ok?

  • Ben

    RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE that's all i'm reading here shit.

  • shayna.lane

    I actually agree this all seems overly staged to me I wouldn't put it past this family to do that, plus if it was an activist against fur like some reports are saying i'm pretty damn sure they'd do more then throw flour at her. I mean its just flour I thought this was pretty funny

  • Hannah Nothard
    Hannah Nothard

    why the hell would anyone do that what has she ever done to her - what a bitch

  • Mistique

    Amen Nessie!

  • Mistique

    Just ask the skinned animals how they feel about it.

  • Belinda

    For those of you who do not know the pain an animal goes through when they are skinned for their fur should watch a movie called "Earthlings" (you can find it on the PETA website), then you will be more eductaed on the topic! Yes, throwing flour at someone is not the most pleasant thing to do, but the pain that these beautiful animals go through for someones vanity is not very pleasant either! If the Rich and Famous want to be good role models and be respected then they need to be more ethical and stop wearing fur. Buy yourself a nice big wooly jersey or a beautiful jacket and you'll be warm enough :-)

  • farnoushie


  • Jess McGregor
  • Fátima Issufo
    Fátima Issufo

    Damn, that was kinda funny. Oh Kim, I Love you, I know the one who did this loves u too

  • Fátima Issufo
    Fátima Issufo

    Oh my gfosh. This is funny but I love u Kimmie...

  • susi

    soooo funny!!!! great!

  • seycil


  • Nessie

    I agree with you that this gives a good cause a bad name. But to say that she's not in the wrong because she didn't kill those animals herself is not true. You can't hide behind someone else. If you choose to buy and wear fur when it's a known fact how these animals are treated and killed, than you're responsible for keeping the industry alive and therefore continuing the suffering and cruelty. I don't condone this act, but I understand why she was targeted and the point they're trying to make, even though it's the wrong way to do it.

  • Jen

    All the "omg, this is so sad and cruel because no one deserves this" comments are almost as hilarious as the actual article itself. First of all, it was just flour, and I wouldn't consider the numerous pranks that people have pulled on their friends using it as "cruel". Secondly, yes she does "earn her own money", (I'm using this phrase extremely loosely) but she chooses to earn it through: an obviously scripted "reality" tv show, falsified marriage, and over-priced products and clothes. Her flaws aside, she constantly chooses to be in the public eye in every which way possible. She wasn't taking the bus to church one day, and minding her own business when someone suddenly poured flour on her. She was at an event to promote a product, and "haterz" will always come along with a fans. I'm sure the money she earned that night will be more than enough compensation for her emotional distress, and if not I haven't the faintest doubt that Kim herself, will be on tonight reading all of you die-hard fan's kind words of encouragement, and somehow manage to pull through this.

  • WHAT!>

    It was about 20 years or so since that case and i never remember hearing Kims NAME during that trial before or WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION FROM??? Robert Kardashians family or kids were not mentioned any time before or after the OJ trial and for dm sure didnt become famous because he represented OJ, only the dad was known so try another lie sweetheart....we only heard about kim AFTER THAT TAPE....the lies you people tell to keep this chick afloat are truly HILARIOUS!!!!

  • Matthew Mouillé
    Matthew Mouillé

    This makes me happy

  • She-Ra

    why don't you practice what you preach and use your brain?? Do you honestly think Kim Kardashian all by her little self created the fur trade? i don't think so. Elizabeth Taylor wore furs her entire life and career but no one made a fuss over it with her. People have worn animal skins for years. It's only been recently that people have been in a stink over it. Everyone seriously needs to calm the flip out....

  • Mel

    She definitely made my day!!!:):)

  • She-Ra

    nice of you to sprout that whole "Freedom of Speech" crap...comes in handy when people really want to be mean jerks.....

  • She-Ra

    why don't you chill the flip out? I don't think anybody sees Kim K as any kind of role model, she's entertainment, that's it. And she didn't become famous for her sex tape, she got famous because her dad was on OJ's defense team. Where you get your info, I have no idea but you might want to double check it next time. And calm the flip down...if you hate Kim so much, why the flip are you here??

  • truestory

    @ anissa, why do you even give a fuk? as if kim kardashian would care if the same thing happened to you? you are a celebrity worshipper, so shut the heck up. she deserves it

  • Gloria


  • Annoyed

    I think people are taking this way to seriously, I mean come on she wasnt hurt she brushed it off. While it could be offensive, it could have been alot worse. There are plenty of people that don’t like her and they could have done way more drastic things to her. Her life isn’t in danger she came back within 10 minutes she was strong about it leave it at that. Why attack and put people down for their opinions over something that wasnt serious to begin with?

  • Jade

    Throwing flour over someone won't stop animals from being killed, it just gives a bad reputation for a good cause, you can't blame Kim for this either, she's not the one killing them, so this was basically the wrong action to the wrong person.

  • Kimberly Landino
    Kimberly Landino

    I think people are taking this way to seriously, I mean come on she wasnt hurt she brushed it off. While it could be offensive, it could have been alot worse. There are plenty of people that don't like her and they could have done way more drastic things to her. Her life isn't in danger she came back within 10 minutes she was strong about it leave it at that. Why attack and put people down for their opinions over something that wasnt serious to begin with?

  • Jen

    All the "omg, this is so sad and cruel because no one deserves this" comments are almost as hilarious as the actual article itself. First of all, it was just flour, and I wouldn't consider the numerous pranks that people have pulled on their friends using it as "cruel". Secondly, yes she does "earn her own money", (I'm using this phrase extremely loosely) but she chooses to earn it through: an obviously scripted "reality" tv show, falsified marriage, and over-priced products and clothes. Her flaws aside, she constantly chooses to be in the public eye in every which way possible. She wasn't taking the bus to church one day, and minding her own business when someone suddenly poured flour on her. She was at an event to promote a product, and "haterz" will always come along with a fans. I'm sure the money she earned that night will be more than enough compensation for her emotional distress, and if not I haven't the faintest doubt that Kim herself, will be on tonight reading all of you die-hard fan's kind words of encouragement, and somehow manage to pull through this.

  • Brittany Elizabeth Davis
    Brittany Elizabeth Davis

    really ya''s just flour. kim got over it now you need to. rediculous. i'm confused though. don't anti fur activist throw red dye of animal blood on their victims?

  • Dr Kranknstein
    Dr Kranknstein

    Ummm WHAT....please dear god tell me you do not consider Kim Kardashian a positive or productive role model. I mean she is famous for making a sex tape and whoring her life out to the media. 2 thumbs up....Who are we going to idolize next Chris Brown for beating a woman and slamming her head into a car door...ahhh yeah *CRY*

  • Susan Rose
    Susan Rose

    Not the biggest Kim fan. Would love a day with her brother though...Anyways, for one, I don't think this was about fur. Two, all the shit talkers over the internet would be pissed if this happened to them, and 98% probably wouldn't have handled it as well. Kudos to you, Kim.

  • Gloria

    Whatever!!! this was so obviously staged, just like her phony marriage.

  • Jenjen

    IT"S ONLY FLOUR..LOL God u people have serious issues! Yes it wasn't nice an the person who did it was obviously a little on the crazy side but WHO CARES!?!? Life goes on an she'll live. It's not that serious! I am a fan of the Kardashians an watch every show but damn, I ain't hyperventilating an ready to beat someones ass because they threw some FLOUR! It's comical an is only giving Kim more publicity. Jus laugh it off as she did because honestly, it's pretty damn funny x)

  • workinggal

    Not a fan of Kim, but I think she got off easy, because the anti fur activist usually throw red paint on people that wear fur. Like some users have stated, this was probably a publicity stunt to increase stock. Nope, not a hater, just stating my opinion, that is what threads are for right?

  • Ash

    I dont agree with doing stupid things like this to people! Flour? Really? move one, let kim live her life, if you dont like her you dont have to read about her, or talk about her. What she does shouldnt affect you unless you want it to. So everybody on this site saying what a bitch Kim is, should probably go have a good hard look in the mirror at themselves and ask exactly why do i give a crap about someone i dont care about? Maybe its that you are secretly jealous of her, or that you secretly want to be her or maybe you are in love with her, well thats what it seems like to al the normal people in the world lol Take a leave out of Kim's book, make a joke and move on.

  • kefs

    Oh its just flour. who cares, that bitch that threw it just wanted attention. how lame can people get!! someone should try throwing some at kris humphries. haha

  • Jenjen

    She makes millions an pays the same in taxes as those who work their asses off to stay sane.. yea, she deserved

  • Myriam Gutierrez
    Myriam Gutierrez

    she killed that lady with kindness, she didnt press charges for what she did. So really who feels stupid in this situation.....this is what happens when you try to be billy bad ass in a crowd and you turn out to be the idiot....(flour bomb lady u got served ) pendeja!

  • @AboutKimK

    The most amazing thing about this story is that the person through flour at Kim supposedly for wearing fur when in all these photo's i do not see one spot of fur on her. Another thing i find amazing is that the person who through the flour put a big Charity Event for dressing woman who can't afford appropriate clothes for job interviews and work that Kim was hosting in partnership with her new perfume was put on hold, how can anyone be so selfish to the woman waiting patiently in that room, But Kim as usual being her amazing mature self quickly got cleaned up and came back on the red carpet within 10 minutes and carried on. Kim is not forcing anyone to buy her products and kim is not hurting anyone by doing the things she loves, people should really inspire off that side of Kim her amazing and strong worth ethic to do the best you can't and do what you love. Not her negative past with her sex tape and all the other thing which you haters like to bring up because you should never use someone's past against them. Your just reminding them of the mistakes they made back then. If you watch their facial expression carefully, then you'll see the hurt in their eyes as they reminisce on everything that happened. Never use emotion as a weapon, it strikes deeper than you can imagine. Nobody deserves this and if all of you are looking for peace in the world this isn't the way forward in fact this is bringing peace in the world a few steps back. I personally love Kim, not for her past, but for her amazing worth ethic and where she is now doing what she loves! Xo

  • Jenjen

    It's jus U act as though someone threw shit in her Who cares, she brushed it off..literally. I think she'll make it!

  • hulagirl05

    go fuck yourself jim

  • Myriam Gutierrez
    Myriam Gutierrez

    Seriosly, what did she do to u to make you hate her so much....answer that w/out a "Because".. People hate her for making a sex tape w/ one of the biggest wanna be HIP HOP artist (GAY J oh sorry Ray J ) be mad at him for wearing tube socks while make a it isnt ur money that she is making a living off of then why hate. she is human and we are no one to judge her. So hate or be hated, u and everyone else w/ all the negative comments arent making her lose any sleep at night, you all are the ones getting ur selves worked up over her success...

  • Jenjen

    Yea She worked for it alright.. If it wasn't for that sex tape, nobody would know them:)

  • Jim

    Oh, the politicians and rich people (just like Kim) aren't also human beings? You're a hypocritical dumbass, congratulations.

  • Angel French
    Angel French

    This is totally off but anyone know where she could have got that beautiful blue top?! I love it!

  • Gloria

    I think u r the one who forgot to take meds

  • Sabby29

    That's what I was looking at Blaize she doesn't even have on fur!!! So damn childish!!

  • fakefakefakefakefake

    The fur trade only exists because people like Kim Kardashian create the demand for fur The animals die because people purchase items made from their fur. Please use your brain and think.

  • Alix Verriest
    Alix Verriest

    Should have been oil and feathers

  • Jose Bahena
    Jose Bahena

    we're was the security ...... baby be careful next time someone needs to get fire from security

  • Peoplearestupid

    I don't think this page is meant only for people who like Kim to comment. People are going to have their own opinion no matter how much you spout off about it being rude. Freedom of speech and what not. If it irritates you so much, get off the PUBLIC thread about it dumba**.

  • Tridda

    If you think throwing/attacking anyone is ok you are wrong. This is a VERY immature thing to do whether you like Kim or not, act like an adult. This is why children are bullying other kids, because they have parents with mentalities like you. No wearing fur isnt ok, but throwing flour on someone is NOT the answer and is NOT ok!

  • fakefakefakefakefake

    Way to keep it classy! Good to know you would physically assault a stranger to show a celebrity who you don't know what a loyal fan you are. Laughable.

  • Ryan Gem
    Ryan Gem

    Wow! Kim actually knows what the word "translucent" means? Anyway, the woman who dumped the flour all over her is my new hero. Too bad it wasn't a bag of dog sh*t. But I'll take what I can get.

  • Annya Nathaniel
    Annya Nathaniel


  • Heather Zuni
    Heather Zuni

    That is how you spell "flour" as in Baking flour, you're thinking of flower as in a rose.

  • Debbie

    I think the woman should have been in trouble for this. I also think security should revisit their procedures. How did the woman get in with a bag of flour! Whether you like her or not what does it say about you if you think you can just walk up and do that to someone.

  • Andrea

    and someone forgot to take their medication!! hahaha relax girl!! RELAX!!!

  • maru

    how many people hurt the world and continues in the streets. As if Kim would have killed the animal. live and let live

  • celeste

    because they did that abusers

  • kimisacumguzzler

    kim is used to being covered in white stuff. shes used to it, im mean it is how she made her living.

  • Brittany Blas
    Brittany Blas

    What's all the fuss about? It's just flour geeze!!! Get over it. All this drama over some damn flour. ahahaha. People get bullied and harassed every day and you don't see people getting all defensive. It's Kim Kardashian. She is no more important than me or you. Relax people. C'mon now. Increase the peace.

  • Mary Townes
    Mary Townes


  • Tawana Aponte-Cummings
    Tawana Aponte-Cummings

    all i can say its karma what goes around comes around real talk

  • fakefakefakefakefake

    You can bet that this whole thing was staged to make Kim look more sympathetic after her sham marriage and her sycophantic fans lap it up. Most likely it was arranged by Mama Jenner. This family lives in some sort of trashy Hollywood famewh()re snow globe.

  • HatefulPeopleHate

    Like Ellen DeGeneres says "My Haters are My Motivators"...

  • Mary Townes
    Mary Townes


  • Krista Brummett
    Krista Brummett

    Wow that woman was real mature.

  • Vicky

    Anissa girl go take a chillax pill ... ;)

  • Anissa C Kindred
  • Anissa C Kindred
    Anissa C Kindred

    stop hatin!

  • Julie Armstrong
    Julie Armstrong

    "Flower" Bombed....? Proof read.

  • Rosa Ponciano
    Rosa Ponciano

    Yes no one deserves this, but defenseless animals don't deserved to be killed in the name of fashion either.

  • Gaia Franzina
    Gaia Franzina

    hahahahaha!!, what a bitch!, what a hoe as well!

  • Anissa C Kindred
    Anissa C Kindred

    such haters...such as you andrea-no one deserves that crap...Kim and fam continue to make that money-your fans are and always will be with you!

  • Jessica

    I think wearing fur is more despicable. It was just some flour and embarrassment for crying out loud. It's not like she was killed and skinned for a fashion item.

  • Rosa Ponciano
    Rosa Ponciano

    I agree this wasn't nice at all, but I don't think the woman did this because she is "jealous", like the article says, she is rumored to be an anti-fur activist.

  • Vicky

    she is my idol too!! I so wish I could be like her...and become famous just because a made a sex tape .. and have a 72 hours marriage !! ... that would be my dream come true!! ahh!

  • Grace

    I think this is hilarious. It's just flour. It's not like it was arsenic.

  • Kigi

    leave her alone . . . get like her or get lost ! if ya dont like her there are thousands other channels on the tv for you to go watch . . .

  • Me

    People are so damn ignorant...including those posting lame comments. at the end of the day, she, just like all of a human being. must we encourage ignorance in this world??? kim, kudos to you for carrying yourself with such poise and grace. even when haters try to tear you down. good for you.

  • Blaize Van Rijn
    Blaize Van Rijn

    tis funny but seriously... flour? and shes not even wearing fur!!

  • diva

    poor kimmy! heard it had to do with wearing fur! i cnt spot any fur on her. pple jst be hating tho, why?

  • karma

    rude ^^^ no one deserves that

  • Vicky

    Knowing this skank this was all staged!! ... just like her marriage ...

  • Nicole

    Honestly if the world put as much effort into curing disease or hunger. Or if u saved the time to trash them and put those thoughts towards ideas on how to stop bullying or childhood anorexia. Well I think our world would be alot different. Seriously people think about stopping the hate to the wrong people if hate even needs to be directed to anyone! I have children and i want them to grow up in a good loving world. Don't u want that for your families .

  • lashchelle09

    You people are so cruel. That is NOT Funny. I would be so pissed if someone threw flour on me. But Kim stayed calm about it.

  • Andrea

    OH Please!! she totally deserves this!! she wanted to be famous?? there you go Kim!! enjoy it! :)

  • Andrea

    hahaha take that biatch!!! suck it! ;)

  • fuck the hatesr
    fuck the hatesr

    all of you haters go suck a dick. it ain't your money it's hers. shes worked for it so fuck off seriously...

  • Shannon

    To be honest I cannot stand Kim. I feel she is narcissistic, rude and fake. That said, and all personal opinions aside, I don't think that gives anyone the right to attack her, publicly or otherwise. She is still a person, and even if you don't agree with who she is or how she acts people need to respect that. I mean for God's sake... instead of running about flouring celebrities why don't you do something purposeful with your life? Lol.

  • Laura Elizabeth Payne
    Laura Elizabeth Payne

    So the lady should really be thanked. She showed how strong Kim Kardashian and just how pathetic her haters can get. She's on such a higher level of maturity then the person who did this. Oh and she's getting Kim new fans and admired more. So thanks for that haters! After all, where would any of us be with out our haters to push us to our limits?

  • Ans

    lol, hilarious..she deserves this!

  • karen martinez
    karen martinez

    That is so mean why would she do that poor Kim wasn't doing anything wrong at all! Kim isn't easy to bring down she just shook it off and pretended like it never happened she is my idol :D

  • Tridda

    How is Kim "taking" anyone's money? People watch the shows, buy her stuff...She isnt holding everyone at gunpoint making them! Get over it...Enough people care what they are doing to make them rich and famous and the people that hate them hate them enough to give them more publicity. lol, not a huge fan or anything- but it seems to be common sense??

  • anonymous

    she deserves what she got. she's the biggest bitch. after how she acted toward kris h. i cant stand her. good for the lady with the flour for showing her her own medicine.

  • suzanne

    Sorry to hear this happened to you, Kim. I would also like to say that the person who did this should be reprimanded for their actions against you. I just don't understand why people are so hateful, instead of being happy for others that are trying to be positive & productive persons in our society. Nonetheless, good for you girl! You dusted your self off (no pun intended) & went right back on to your business..Your the business girlie, you go Girl!!!

  • Laura Elizabeth Payne
    Laura Elizabeth Payne

    No she does not. Yes, she is filthy rich. She in no way TAKES anyone's money, she EARNS her money. She makes products that people WANT to buy. She doesn't force anyone to do anything they don't want to do. She doesn't hurt anyone. She's never been this vicious to anyone. Unless she murdered someone or did something equally despicable she in no way deserves this. If anyone sees earning money by being creative and great at marketing a product as a crime they aren't very smart. If it were a lot of people would be in jail right now. It's rude and that person deserves what comes to her.

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    "or the money hungry filthy rich people who are the real ones taking our money", I'm sorry... Does Kim not classify under that specific title?

  • Laurena

    Really people?! Shes a human being too that is horrible how about throwing flour on the bastard politicians or the money hungry filthy rich people who are the real ones taking our money, i cant believe someone would do this to her what has she done that is just so horribly wrong!?!?!