Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic on Flour Bomb: She Doesn’t Want People to Feel Bad For Her

Kim Flour Bombed
Details into Kim Kardashian's flour bombing.
Although there was a large crowed at Kim Kardashian’s fragrance event last night where she was flour bombed, none were as close to the reality star as Mario Dedivanovic — who works with Kim as her makeup artist. Now he’s exclusively speaking out to Celebuzz about what went down after the powder was thrown! 

Not only was Mario there at the event, but he was the private room with Kim after she was shuffled off the red carpet.

“It was very surreal,” he tells Celebuzz.” “I think we were all in shock for a couple of minutes.” Although they were all pretty much beside themselves, “Kim brushed herself off quickly and was the first one to head back out there to her fragrance launch and charity event.”

Mario adds: “[Kim’s] incredibly calm and not the type to want people to feel bad for her. She poked fun at herself about not needing anymore powder touchups for the night, which was pretty funny!” 

Following the attack, word got around that PETA may be to blame (although they claim no responsibility). He Tweeted his disapproval: 

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