Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian Goes Shopping With Scott Disick (PHOTOS)

Hours before sister Kim Kardashian was victim of a flour bombing attack on the red carpet, pregnant Kourtney Kardashian stepped out with boyfriend Scott Disick to do a little shopping.

The parents, who are expecting a baby girl in a few months, walked down Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles to do a little retail therapy. Hot mama Kourtney carried a Ralph Lauren shopping bag and later hopped into Scott's Rolls Royce after the shopping trip.

Later, Kourtney took to her Twitter page to defend her sister, Kim.

"Classy to flour bomb my sister at her charity event helping women. I wonder if they would have dared thrown the flour at my hormonal and pregnant self!" Kourtney wrote.

Khloe Kardashian also sounded off, writing:

"I wish I was with my sister tonight. I bet you that woman wouldn't have dared tried a thing..."



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  • laura deleon @ 22 13
    laura deleon @ 22 13

    csdaer htgh inl oooo daina eicrk lop ader sawc gblop asdcer facbiml hy imlo chyn uiml sdadxcr fachyklo=n

  • swede1

    Kourtney, First off ; ** CONGRADULATION'S ON YOUR NEW BABY ON THE WAY !! :) ** I cannot have children due to Cancer, I am only 44yrs.old I am a Co-Owner of a Business . I have to say , you do show people that when you have a child it is not longer me, me, me, it is ALL ABOUT THEM!!!!! I truly never hear it from alot of people from your family , I think you are a ** Great Mom !! ** , and you show how it is not easy to juggle everything. It is no longer you it goes; New Baby, Mason & if you are LUCKY , VERY LUCKY then it is you & Scott. Good Luck when Mason see's the new baby, I remember when my older brother's 1st.son saw the Baby, & my brother said " Are you excited , he is coming home tomorrow with us?", My brother was shocked by his response, because he thought he had really prepared him, I said he is only 3yrs.old he does not really understand it all, but it was so funny !! His answer was; No Daddy, No He patted the Babie's Head & said " He Stay Here, He No Home!! " , I don't think I ever laughed so hard , not so much by what he said it was my Older Brother's Face. I still hear nephew who now is turning 16 on 4/7/12 & I it still make's me laugh when I think of my Older Brother's Face!!! Way too Funny!! Then he looked at all of us for help , and I had to leave the room I was laughing too hard, it was the look of fear. Like now I have a Newborn & 3yr.old & it had all just hit him !!! ps, I would like to hear more praise's for you & Khloe all I ever hear ( not a hater at all ) from your mom is Kim, I think your mom is a great worker & is accomplishing alot, but I think you & Khloe do alot of the Grunt Work - that's what I call it at my Company , but I just don't think you two get the praise you both deserve. AGAIN IN NO WAY A HATER - I THINK YOUR MOM IS GREAT & WORK'S HARD, BUT I WOULD LIKE MORE PRAISE & SEEING MORE OF YOU & KHLOE, YOU TWO ARE THE BACKBONE OF YOUR STORE'S. YOU TWO WORK AT THE STORE'S IF YOU HAVE TO, AND I DO ALSO , IT HAS TO BE DONE, LIKE THEY SAY ; IT IS , WHAT IT IS!!! AGAIN ; *** CONGRADULATION'S TO YOU & SCOTT**, I WISH YOU A HAPPY & HEALTHY BABY!!!

  • dawn

    That is the cutest pink outfit!... love it

  • miss.rouso

    LOVE the highlights!! the lighter color looks beautiful on you!! but then again.. what doesn't look beautiful on you?! btw: those shoes are to die for!!! :)

  • Melissa Dawn Benton
    Melissa Dawn Benton

    You look so pretty love the color it highlights your features and you have that gorgeous glow also you are simply beautiful as always

  • Kimberly Marshall
    Kimberly Marshall

    you look absolutely beautiful Kourtney!!

  • Tiffany Derry
    Tiffany Derry

    very cute

  • hmm..

    not the best pose :)

  • aam3369

    -pregnant or not pregnant kourtney still looks sexy ,i love the neutral colors she wearing , and love her hair color as well ,very pretty (:



  • BEP#1

    Thats a $400,000 Car, I hope Scott Baio, I mean Disik is saving his pennies for when he's working @ Sizzler!


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