United We Stand: Lebron James & The Heat Join Fight For Justice In Trayvon Martin Slaying

The fatal shooting of an unarmed Florida teen has seemingly outraged the nation – and joining the chorus of condemnation are stars such as Jamie Foxx, rocker Joel Madden and NBA superstar Lebron James.

Trayvon Martin, 17, was shot Feb. 26 as he was returning to a gated community after buying candy at a convenience store.

The gunman, Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman, has not been charged. He said he shot the unarmed youth, who is black, in self-defense.

Demanding justice in the case, James, along with his teammates, stood in solidarity in a photo that he posted on Twitter Friday. The Heat players were all wearing a hoodie, which Martin was wearing at the time he was slain.

Lebron wrote:

Here’s some more reaction from celebrities.

Talk show host Piers Morgan Tweeted:

Actor Jamie Foxx:

Actress Taraji P. Henson:

Model Kimora Lee Simmons:

Rocker Joel Madden: