Watch Out! Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Goes Rollerskating - In Itsy Bisty Bikini (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

Teen bride Courtney Stodden is flying the flag for her country.

Stripping down to a tiny stars and stripes bikini, the 17-year-old "Teen Bride" took to a Santa Monica, Calif. beach boardwalk with her much older husband, actor Doug Hutchison, for a rollerskating lesson - and only Celebuzz has the exclusive photos.

And those trademark seven-inch stilettos were nowhere in sight!

Yet even without those towering obstacles, Courtney's rollerskating adventure didn't go to plan.

Despite her best efforts (or not) to hang on tight to X-Files star Doug, 51, Courtney ended up taking a spill - but thankfully she landed in the soft comfort of the sand.

But like the posing pro she is, the teenage internet sensation was quick to give a waiting photographer their money shot. To see it, check out the gallery above.



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  • Kathleen Libby
    Kathleen Libby

    Luckily, I'm just like her and when I fall, I land on all fours. And I have to crawl around awhile and lick my lips and make creepy faces until I feel better. Meow! Winky face! ;)

  • Michael DeMarco
    Michael DeMarco

    What a little slut. No wonder the muslims call us infidels. And who is this ugly bastard she's married to? He looks like he just got off the boat.

  • Jennifer

    yes, we all fall into poses when we take a spill in the sand don't we?, good lord girl - don't be so obviously fake

  • justaguy

    She IS legal in most states. 16 is the age of consent in most states.

  • Bean

    Kind of looks like he's pushing her. 'This'll shut her up for good'

  • Bean

    To myself: Oh look, apart from her tiny bathing suit they're actually being pretty PG... [clicks on this photo] ...And there we are

  • Bean

    Awww, look! he's teaching her how to tie her shoelaces.

  • Jello

    Major porn! Anyway, she looks about 15 years older than her age. Yuck.

  • Mariah

    NOT legal. Married does NOT equal legal. Aug. 30th, then you stop being a pedo, and just sick and disgusting in general.

  • Anon

    She's 17.

  • Zeke

    Would drill that sand for oil...

  • Zeke

    Girl might be young, but she's legal and has a bangin bod...

  • spiniton85

    Aw, how sweet. her dad is helping her learn to roller skate! .. wait...

  • Chris

    MMMM 16 Y.O gal looking mighty fine ;)

  • justaguy

    That's hot

  • justaguy

    I'd love to have her in that, now I'm hard.

  • justaguy

    What a lucky old man he is!

  • AlaBella

    Grandpa took his grandkid to the playground...

  • Jihan Yerik Novikov
    Jihan Yerik Novikov

    hahahahhaa in her face!!!!

  • Jihan Yerik Novikov
  • Ann

    Why, WHY do people continue to give this pathetic creature what she wants - more publicity? She makes my skin crawl. She has no talent, is not famous (infamous is more like it) for any reason other than she married an old perv and the two of them are publicizing it and milking it for every dime it's worth. Please, don't play along. You can not convince me that the public gives a hoot about her, yet the media keeps giving her the attention she craves. Just stop.