Carolina Liar's Chad Wolf on Kim Kardashian Flour-Bombing: I Respect Her for Not Letting It Ruin the Night

Kim Kardashian's True Reflection launch event in Los Angeles
Kim Flour Bombed
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Millions of people were shocked when Hollywood megastar Kim Kardashian was suddenly flour-bombed at an event to promote her new fragrance True Reflection on Thursday, including Carolina Liar frontman Chad Wolf.

The band walked the red carpet and performed at the event, which also helped raise money for Dress for Success Worldwide, a charity designed to help women with professional clothing and the tools they need to succeed in the workplace. Now, a few days later, Chad (pictured second from the left) has released an exclusive statement to Celebuzz, praising Kim for her grace and courage under fire. Here's what he had to say:

I find it amazing what some people will do for attention.  For a second there it looked like the night was off, but I was shocked when I got a call saying [Kim] had dusted herself off and we were going on as planned.  I really respected her for not letting it ruin what ended up being a great night.
And what a great night it was! In addition to supporting a great charity, attendees were treated to some excellent live music from Carolina Liar, who just released the video for their song, 'Me and You.' Check it out below!

Carolina Liar is a rock band which hails from South Carolina. For more on the band, visit their official website!
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  • Noor

    Your blog is lovely! Loved the pics, stniayg tuned for more!Kind wishes, case you are wondering how I found you, (hahah I'm unashamedly a blog stalker) I regularly visit J* blog, and sometimes click on random comments to see other photographer's work!

  • Debra Rainone
    Debra Rainone

    Hey, I'm just glad it didn't take away from CAROLINA LIAR' S performance, which I'm sure was awesome!!! I respect that they repsect re: KK!

  • Nancy Burian
    Nancy Burian

    Now I am wondering if Kim had this whole flour incident planned so that we would all feel sorry for her. hmmmm. But, I don't feel sorry for her, not one bit. I wish they all would go live on an island. Then they can direct, publish, produce, act, model, marry, or whatever and not have to bother us with any of it.