Reader’s Respond: Fans Give Their ‘Hunger Games’ Reviews

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Theaters across the globes are packed with movie goers as The Hunger Games finally made its theatrical debut this Friday. The much anticipated flick set the record of biggest midnight showing for a non-sequel movie — raking in over $19 million before sunrise! Although movie critics have been raving about the adaptation, we want to hear what you — the true Hunger Games fans — thought of the flick.

Was it better than the books? Did it do author Suzanne Collins proud? Here are some of the reviews off our Facebook:

Vicki C-C. — Saw it last night at the midnight show. It was excellent!

Annie B. — Emotional the whole time!!!

Garrett O. — outstanding, almost perfect!

Mia M. — it was AMAZING!!!!

Reena C. — i just wanna say i love The Hunger Games so so so much and even though they left out certain parts i wanted to see in the movie THE MOVIE TURNED OUT LOVELY YAY MUCH LOVE

Jarvie M. – simply amazing

Jessy C. — Loved it!

Renea F. — Just saw it loved it!!!!!!!

However, a few stray Mockingjays were not as pleased with the film.

Eunice F. — I just watched it yesterday, good movie not great but good movie. The book was still better.

Jenny L. — To much blah, blah, blah and not enough action.. Overall was ok..

Ronalda S. — terrible movie!!!!! saw it last night

Did you see the movie yet? If so, do you agree with these reviews? Continue the debate in the comments below!