‘Mad Men’ Returns! See Cast On Screen & On Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

The long awaited Sunday has finally come! Mad Men returns this weekend with the finely dressed too-cool characters including (but not limited to) Don and Betty Draper, Joan Holloway and Roger Sterling hitting the small screen for a two-hour premiere.

One of many reasons we keep coming back to this show is for the costumes, but how do the on screen clothes fair to those worn by the cast on the red carpet? From Jon Hamm to Christina Hendricks, click the pics to see the difference between the actors’ style on screen versus their real life, and let us know which you prefer (we’ll take the costumes!). 

Though Christina’s curves are on full display when she plays Joan, her cleavage is usually out when she hits a red carpet. Click the pics below to get a better look: 

Who do you think is the best dressed Mad Men actor?