Rob Kardashian Detained By Police After Joke Gone Wrong (VIDEO)

No joke!
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Rob Kardashian was briefly detained by Miami cops Sunday night when he chased after a paparazzo trying to get a photo.

TMZ reports Rob was enjoying the Miami nightlife with friends when he saw a photographer taking pictures of him from across the street. The site says Rob "thought it would be funny" to run towards the photographer, but the man became frightened and ran away.

The youngest Kardashian chased the man into a local business and tried to talk to the photog, but local cops intervened, cuffed him and put him in the back of a police cruiser.

After explaining that the incident was a complete misunderstanding, Rob was released.



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  • Jade

    Haha @appie I totally agree w u but u gotta admit @angelbaby's reply was cool.

  • angelbaby

    you jealous i can spell?

  • Appie

    I think you should get a life. Because its abvious that u dont have a life thats why u are sitting begind your computer and write these mean comments... I bet you are a jelous humand bean that has nothing to do in life . shame on you

  • angelbaby

    oh my gosh what a loser. when is this loser going to realise that he is a loser and that he needs to get a life, stop trying to use the same path to fame as kimmy poo and get a job. just live with the fact that you are not going to be famous. its time to give mcdonalds a ring and ask them to employ you

  • Nicole

    lmfao at this loser! i bet he cried to momma, she already filed a lawsuit

  • FZ

    Couldn't have said it better than the person above.

  • Kail

    But it's okay for paparazzi to stalk these peoples lives everyday........