Courtney Stodden Flaunts Cleavage In Support of PETA (VIDEO)

Who is Courtney Stodden?
Celebuzz investigates the teen bride.
Courtney Stodden is busting out the cleavage for the animals. The 17-year-old “teen bride” is throwing her support behind the animal rights organization PETA in a new video where she not only flaunts her big bosom, but also her dog Bizarre. 

The sexy starlet recently went vegetarian and gave a surprising reveal, admitting:

“I’ve never had a hamburger in my life. I’m so glad that I can say that. I never want to eat a hamburger.”

Courtney adds while petting her lap dog, “If I’m gonna welcome another companion into our home, I would suggest going to a shelter. Not only make them healthy and make them live a happy life, but save a life as well.”

Meanwhile, PETA has been in the headlines after Kim Kardashian was flour bombed this past week by an alleged animal activist. Though PETA tells Celebuzz the woman was not a part of their organization, they have hinted that they’re willing to pay for her legal fees. In a statement, PETA told Celebuzz:

“We don’t believe Kim would be so shortsighted as to go after this woman, but if she does, we’ll definitely look at how to maximize exposure to the cruel fur industry, and that could mean defending the activist if she wishes.”

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