Jon Hamm Worked as a Bartender?! Plus, Other Celebrity Odd Jobs (PHOTOS)

Jon Hamm Suits Up!
The 'Mad Men' star looks good no matter what!
Before Jon Hamm was sipping on cocktails as Don Draper on Mad Men, he got lots of practice, shaking up drinks as a bartender!

In a new interview with Magic City star Kelly Lynch, the actress reveals she hired Hamm for several parties she threw at her home, telling XFinity:

“We hired Jon Hamm as a bartender for every party we had at our house. He was the most gorgeous and adorable guy we’d ever met. All of the women would be lined up at the bar like alcoholics just to see him shake his martini shaker.”

She went on to add that her young daughter was also smitten with Hamm. (We can’t say we blame her!)

“We’d have these parties and we’d be like, Where’s Shane? And she’d be standing at the bar drawing pictures of Jon pouring drinks for people,” Kelly added.

Hamm isn’t the only celeb who had to work odd jobs before hitting it big in Hollywood. Click through the gallery above to see where celebs worked before they became household names.

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