New Details on Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Low Key Weekend (EXCLUSIVE)

Robsten in Paris!
'Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs: The Exhibition' - Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012
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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were photographed Saturday heading to watch good friend Marcus Foster perform at The Hotel Cafe, and a concertgoer is giving Celebuzz a few more details on our favorite couple's night out.

"They were very low key, trying not to draw attention to themselves, but it still looked like they were having fun," said an onlooker. "They were swaying to the music a little. Just looked like a normal couple out with friends."

As for their PDA level?

"I saw them quickly sneak a few kisses. Kristen was kind of in front of Rob, singing along at times. It was cute how he was looking on at her! They also held hands when they went to the backstage part."
So glad they had a fun night out! We're also told after they left that they grabbed some drinks with their group elsewhere before heading home together at the end of the night.

Both Stewart and Pattinson have a busy few months coming up. Kristen starts promoting Snow White and the Huntsman in the next month or so, while Rob has Cosmopolis coming up. It's rumored the couple will head to Cannes together for Cosmopolis as well as Kristen's movie On the Road.

In the meantime, here is the teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2:



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  • sam

    O.M.G I love Rob and Kristen They are so cute together

  • trish22

    First of all, I never said one thing about her clothes, so everyone bashing me for that can just feel stupid now. Read what I said. It was about her hair, so for you to get so defensive about her clothes must mean you think there's something wrong with them because it didn't come from me. Secondly, I'm not saying he doesn't have dirty hair, it's just that he's wearing a hat to cover it up. Lastly, I'm far from perfect but at least I take pride in myself. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wash my hair.

  • LiL

    you cannot decide who is marriage material for another person. And she is only 21 and he is only 25. Leave them alone.

  • madeleine

    you people are insane..did you personally touch her hair?can you tell by just one photo a person hygene?...all these blogs are sureal...i hope both of them take and do nothing...kristen is marriage material for rob...i hope for her own sainity she quit films for alittle while and does other projects...rob can look for scripts!

  • anna

    cute and sweet kisses 4 theme

  • Tina

    You seem to be obsessed with people's hair. Maybe take a moment from checking on comments you left 3 hours ago and seeing if anyone responded and seek some help for your hair obession. You are cracking up. lol.

  • veronicaspuffy

    bash the hair and the look of a person is by ignorant, superficial and immature, even if who bash is not a hater but only one person who does not like an actress / actor I have preferences, too. some people I like and others not, but I don't bash anyone with BS like hair or the look I would love to see the "beauty" of all these people that love so much criticizing thing like that

  • veronicaspuffy

    *their brains

  • veronicaspuffy

    what word of this sentence you don't understand or your little brain can't depends on the structure of the hair ... ignorant and I repeat -- If you are in a hot place , and dance ... You probably , sweat .. if you also the "issue" of the structure of the hair ... Sorry , I'm wrong to explain things like that to people that can't understand because made of plastic probably when you go around and see people who have weird hair do you think those people do not wash, but not always the case. I wash every day,I'm very clean ,some people would do better to wash your brain ... since they can only see white or black. and never gray

  • Debra

    BC it isn't "psycho" to check back on a post you have already read to see if anyone commented on what you said on celebrities that you don't like. Seriously Jen get a hobby besides reading gossip sites and checking on your comments it's really pathetic.

  • Claudis

    if you are here to post hate about kristen stewart and robert pattinson and you "hate" them so much then why did you read the article, so take your pathetic comments somewhere else.

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    I agree and it is sexist to single out Kristen's appearance and not Rob's.

  • Jen

    I can read and comment on anything i like.This is a gossip site and last time i checked i lived in a free country. Whenever i comment on other celebrities i never get a defensive reply such as yours from someone getting so worked up and emotional over a celebrity, like i just tried to slap their grandma or murder their cat, so im guessing it's true what they say about twilight fans. That they are complete psychos.

  • Becca

    You dont think they're great looking or good actors but you went on a post about them and took the time to read the comments. OKAY. Maybe you should take your own advice and get a like instead of reading about people you don't care about.

  • Jen

    @ Zoe. Wow after reading your comments i can say your a weirdo. Get your own sex life. IMO i don't think either of them are that special or great looking.They don't have extraordinary acting talents either. Twilight fans are the only ones who make a big deal over them.

  • Jack

    Um, it's a concert. I read celebuzz on a pretty regular basis and whenever they have pics of Kristen Stewart at premieres/interviews/that convention thing, her hair looks fine. She tends to dress a little too casually occasionally (So does Rob Pattinson), but her clothes always seem to fit and look nice. That's where the fans are, etc and she does make seem to make an effort.. A concert/private dinner/traveling etc....Totally different situation. I think you are taking it a little too personally if you think she is obligated to dress a certain way in her private time. If she was going out to do a fan convention/meet interviewers, you would have had a valid point....But she's not.... They both tend to look kind of grungy to me, so I'm not sure why you singled out Kristen Stewart and not Rob Pattinson also.

  • Zoe

    Look Trish took a break from washing her hair to check back again on this post to see if anyone replied to her troll comment. You seem to have a really busy life Trish. lmao.

  • Zoe

    Interesting how you put your hate squarely on Kristen when he looks like a mess too. They dress the exact same way. Why didn't he shave? Is that disrespectful to his fans? Step back for a second Trish and deal with the fact that Kristen is young, rich, beautiful, and dating the guy every other girl wants. Like she has time to consider what no doubt BEAUTIFUL and PERFECTLY dressed women such as your self think of her. Haters gonna hate Kristen will be busy having sex with Rob.

  • trish22

    I have no hate for the girl. It's pity, actually. For you,too, if you can't keep your hair clean for one night. You say the concert is the reason? What about every single other time she's photographed. She must go to a hell of a lot of concerts. I've never seen anyone put as little effort into herself. It's a shame because she has the potential to be very pretty, if only she cared.

  • veronicaspuffy

    You never happened to go ,all clean and freshly showered, to a concert, filled with people, and sweating from fun and heat ....?! Nooooo?! maybe because you're a mannequin made ​​of plastic such as your heart and your brain. I am a woman with long hair like Kristen ... and believe me ... even if I'm just out of the shower and go to a concert, big or small, and I enjoy ... my hairs seem that I don't wash them from one week also depends on the structure of the hair ... ignorant I don't speak english very well, I'm Italian, if I made ​​mistakes,that's my why... But what excuse you have for writing BS you have written?! hate apart ?! don't answer me ... the question was rhetorical, you do not have answers to give, It's enough the BS that you've written to see that person you are

  • trish22

    For all you people jumping all over Dev, LOOK AT HER HAIR! It's disgusting! If you guys can honestly say there's nothing wrong with it, then you're lying to yourselves. It's sad how someone could have no pride in themselves and go out like that, knowing her fans are going to see these pictures and not care. That's how much she thinks of all you people who are so quick to defend her. She can't even be bothered to buy shampoo and a brush. And it's not just this once. It's every time.

  • Liz


  • belle8

    I love them both.

  • johnnytaco

    Cute couple is cute! I love the way they handle themselves & their relationship.

  • crzo

    hey MR CLEAN DEV above you dont know what you talking about, so shut up!!!!!!!11

  • cara

    betcha five bucks Dev's belly is sitting on his lap while he wrote that

  • laurie

    dang, they've been together for a long time now...

  • Dev

    ewwww. take a shower and shave both of you. Gross. FatAss twihards will drool over them anyways

  • talia

    lol, how cute it is that rob has such a flat butt in his jeans. Kristen's is pretty juicy for a skinny white girl. lol