Readers Respond: Is Madonna Too Old to Be Wearing Revealing Outfits? (PHOTOS)

They say if you’ve got it, flaunt it, but should that still be the case for a 53-year-old? Madonna took the stage at Ultra Musical Festival in Miami this weekend, and was dressed in a scantily clad outfit, (natch), as she performed. We know that Madge likes to show off as much skin as possible, but is it time that she start to dress her age?

Celebuzz asked our Facebook readers if they think she should still wear revealing outfits, and we got some interesting responses.

Marta C. said: yeah. It’s HER life. She has this “teenage spirit” and it’s okay, everyone decides how to live their life. she feels like a teenager? what’s the problem? :))

Joanne B. said: no. Cause she has children. Not fair to them.

Monica D. said: If I had the money to look like that at that age I wouldn’t be hiding it either. She is still hot like she was back then.

Ummy K. said: you only live once, let her enjoy her life, half of the people that criticize her they secretly wish to be her, or at least live a stress free life like hers.

Angelina L. said: At least she is covered up but she should dress her age!! She is not in her 20s and it looks a bit ridiculous!! Just saying!!

Jacqueline R. said: I dont understand because she is a woman the article has to state “53 year old” The media doesn’t start off with a mans age! You never see “50 year old George Clooney”! Sheesh!

Cristian S. said: heeeellooooo! Madonna can do whatever she wants!!

Stephani M. said: She’s gonna be eighty in a tube top. Madonna will never be “appropriate”….

Sarah R. said: No!!! She shouldn’t be wearing that!!! Unfortunatley, I know somemone else who is 52 and she acts like, dresses, and wears make up like she is in her 20’s and its very disturbing and weired!

Yessamyn Y. said: she can do whatever she wants! personally i wouldn’t!!

What do YOU guys think? Keep the debate going in the comments!


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