Teenage Lourdes Leon Caught Smoking! Is She Old Enough to Make Her Own Decisions? (POLL)

Lourdes Leon Smoking

She's known for making bold fashion choices, but 15-year-old Lourdes Leon is creating a controversy with her latest statement. The teenage designer was snapped smoking a cigarette -- which helps create that edgy image, right? Such a rebel! 

Many are outraged that an underage girl could get access to a product clearly intended -- by law -- for those 18 and over.

While we all know there are health risks to smoking, so too are there risks with eating large amounts of sugar, for example, as well as many other perfectly legal activities. While she's shy of being a full-fledged adult, Lourdes is calling the shots when it comes to her Material Girl collection; if she can run a fashion house, is she old enough to make her own decision when it comes to smoking?

Take our poll to tell us your thoughts! 



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  • Yawn

    I would call it trashy.

  • lkane20

    urgh.a lot of teenager smoke in this age..just bc she's in public doesn't mean that it's something special! I would call it normal!

  • Nasrodin Disoma
    Nasrodin Disoma

    that girl is so cute but its kinda ugly

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller

    Madonna doesn't let her kids watch TV or use the computer and will ground Lourdes for having her room be too messy. But she's going to let smoking slide? I don't get it.

  • Ruby

    Now she just looks trashy. Smoking can turn a pretty girl UGLY quicker than anything. They just look like they belong in the gutter.

  • moomarse

    forget about being under age.... how about being STUPID!?!?!?! You will now look, smell, taste, cough, stink, etc., like an ashtray. Oh, and you'll die.