Tim Tebow Won’t Turn into a New York Playboy, Says Matchmaker Siggy Flicker (EXCLUSIVE)

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Tim Tebow has officially joined the New York Jets, which inevitably caused the fluttering of hearts among millions of gals hoping to win his affection — but they better get in line! Knowing that the religious quarterback “won’t settle for less than the best,” matchmaker Siggy Flicker has stepped in to dish her advice for landing the football heartthrob.

“The thing that will turn Tim on the most is a gal who is grounded. The Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton types need to go home. They’re too over the top for him. He needs someone who is low key and respected for the quality of work that they do,” the VH1 Why Am I Still Single?! matchmaker told Celebuzz

So which Hollywood gals would she set up with Tebow?

The three Emmas: Emma Watson, Emma Stone, and Emma Roberts.

“These are all nice girls, who aren’t looking for the limelight. They’re just fabulous actress and good girls, who aren’t obsessed  with the Hollywood lifestyle. They’re solid,” Siggy said.”When Tim dates, he needs to be true to his faith, passions and what he  believes in.”

Although the religious quarterback been linked to Taylor Swift (and even invited her to his charity golf tournament next month in Ponte Vedra, Fla.), Siggy doesn’t think this puppy love will last.

“I love him with Taylor Swift because I believe she’s a hopeless romantic, but I don’t think Taylor is at a point in her life that it would work out for her,” said said.

Although there is some speculation that Tim might get involved with the nightlife and dazzle of New York, the VH1 matchmaker firmly believes he’ll stick to his roots and faith.

“He has God in his heart and soul. He’s a good role model… New York is not going to stir him up. He’s no A-Rod [Alex Rodriguez]. He’s not going to get caught up in the playboy lifestyle,” she said. “When he dates, he needs to be true to his faith, passions and what he believes in. The woman who lands him is going to be one lucky woman.”