Revealed: The Mystery Woman Rob Kardashian Argued With Before Cops Cuffed Him (VIDEO)

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Before Rob Kardashian was detained by police in Miami on Sunday evening, he was seen in an argument with a young woman -- and Celebuzz has now positively ID'ed her.

A source tells us that the 25-year-old E! reality star was in a heated discussion with Roc Nation artist Rita Ora when he noticed an on-looking paparazzo.

Rob then tried to chase him down thinking it would be funny, but it ultimately lead to his detainment. Rob has since been released.

Rita, a 21-year-old British singer, is signed with Jay-Z's record label Roc Nation and has been making waves with her catchy tunes “Hot Right Now” and “How We Do (Party)."



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  • :)))))))

    I found what Rob did kind of funny and it's nice to see a paparazzo running and scared for a change... :)))))))))

  • Honor

    wow Rit. teper posht po mrrin me ket tip. who the fuck is going to take you or your music seriously if you keep messing with that dude/the kardashian-clan? you should be ashamed of yourself for wasting all your chances and your talent!


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