Behind the Scenes of Justin Bieber’s New Single ‘Boyfriend’ (VIDEO)

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Earlier this week,  Justin Bieber came out with a hot new single that we can’t get enough of! “Boyfriend” has brought out an older — and can you say hotter — side to JB. Now Celebuzz goes behind the scenes with this making-of video to get an inside look at how the song came to be. 

Having partnered up with some of music’s best, we get a chance to see him in action as he showcases his raw vocals and all the hard work that was put into the sexy single.

Working alongside singer, writer and producer Mike Posner, JBiebs has an overload of ‘swag’ that is just right for the new tune. A new look and sound for the young star, he tells viewers: 

“‘Boyfriend,’ my first single, was really fun to make. I was in the studio with Mike Posner. When I was writing the raps for it and the verses, I was just basically thinking about things I would do if I was your boyfriend.”

Take a look at the Through the Lense Making of Boyfriend to get more inside scoop! If you haven’t heard the full song, do it now! The single is available on Itunes — and we’ll be looking forward to more new music from Bieber in the near future!