Carrie Ann Inaba Reveals WORST Part of Being 'DWTS' Judge! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Being on Dancing with the Stars is a great gig, but there are some drawbacks. Celebuzz talked to the show's sweet, sexy judge Carrie Ann Inaba, who tells us the WORST part of the job!

"The hardest part of being a judge is when there is somebody who is an icon like a Buzz Aldrin -- or someone who I have so much respect for off the dance floor -- and then they come out and do a routine that you know they tried their best, but it may be lacking in a few areas," she says. "It’s really hard to give a lower score when that happens."

As a judge, "That is part of my job," she adds.

"I don’t get to judge them on all their achievements in their whole life. So, that is very hard to do; it’s really hard to hurt their feelings."
Despite the hard parts of the job, "I love being able to be a part of this whole new trend of dancing coming back into society," she says. "People are dancing again, people are touching each other, people are interacting with dance, people are getting fit with dance, and people are dancing as a family ... It’s wonderful." 

When it comes to her post-DWTS goals, she already has a plan!

"I’ve always wanted to have an animal sanctuary," she says. "I’m going to work really hard in this business and I’m going to find a way to be as successful as Tippi Hedren so I can have an animal sanctuary."

She has been able to follow her passion by helping animal rescue groups and hosting the Humane Society Awards to honor those who do good work in the community.

The animal lover also just debuted a brand-new web series, called Crib Cats, in which she helps find deserving cribs for shelter cats in need of a forever home. The first episode is below -- subscribe to the Petsami YouTube channel for new episodes each week!

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