'Hunger Games' Stars Leven Rambin & Alexander Snapped Kissing (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

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Are we getting our first Hunger Games offscreen romance?!

A video has surfaced of stars Alexander Ludwig (who plays Cato) and Leven Rambin (who plays Glimmer) kissing outside The Roosevelt Hotel. 

So what's the deal with these two gorgeous stars? Could they be dating?

A rep for Leven tells Celebuzz the video is from January 19, and while it may be legit the two aren't in a relationship.

"They aren't dating," Leven's rep says, adding that they are good friends.  

Another thing we want to clarify is that Leven Rambin was not engaged to producer Geoff Clark at the time she and Alexander were photographed kissing.

"Leven was engaged to Geoff in 2010, but they broke off their engagement in November 2011," adds her rep.

So there you have it! But their romance does live on screen. Gary Ross decided to throw in some tribute action by encouraging Leven and Alexander's characters to have a romantic backstory. Rambin told us:

There is a little bit of sexual seduction going on, which is a surprise for the fans. Gary was like 'Lets just spice things up a little bit.' So me and Xander were like, 'Alright!'  And I definitely didn't have a problem with that!
Check out more Alexander and Leven from The Hunger Games premiere right here:



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  • Leven's Mom
    Leven's Mom

    Actually this article is wrong- she actually did cheat on her fiance and thats why he broke off the engagement. Get your facts straight Celebuzz

  • James Woorly
    James Woorly

    She look GORG in that red dress... who makes it?

  • Christian

    A better question would be why do people care. They are people just like everyone else and have relationships just like everyone else. These are some facts people tend to neglect. Maybe if people were more focused on their own lives/relationships, there wouldn't be so many divorces and broken families. Just a thought.

  • Rob

    You don't suppose it occurred to them that the books strongly condemn the concept of showmances?

  • Hannah Nothard
    Hannah Nothard

    OHHH HOW CUTE AND HES HOLDING HER FACE AHHHH - but yer give em some privacey

  • livesinafairytale

    Can they have NO privacy? I understand being an actor pays a price but this is absurd.