New Show ‘Best Ink’ Premieres Tonight on Oxygen (VIDEO)

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Get ready tattoo lovers because Oxygen is bringing you a brand new competition show to watch tonight!

New series, Best Ink has gathered up the ten best tattoo artists from around the country who are ready to literally make their mark in reality television history. It’s a show like no other where contestant strive to showcase their talents and create masterpieces on actual skin. What’s more permanent than a tattoo? The chance to be the first winner of Best Ink!

Hosted by American Idol season two contestant Kimberly Caldwell and critiqued by renowned tattoo artist Joe Capobianco,  who’s been in the tattoo game  for more than 20 years and tattoo shop owner, pinup model Sabina Kelley, this show gives tattoo artist around the nation a chance of a lifetime. 

But don’t let the seriousness of permanent ink scare you, this show is filled with tons of great drama and super egos clashing while on the way to the top. As challenges become more difficult and people’s emotions get in the way, attitudes and people get heated up! But there can only be one winner.

Make sure to tune in tonight at 10 p.m.on Oxygen for the premiere!

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