‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Admits to Being Cyber Bullied Over Identity of ‘A’

'A' Is Revealed!
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When she came out as “A” on Pretty Little Liars, Janel Parrish — who plays Mona — had no idea how seriously viewers would take the news. Now she says she’s getting hate tweets left and right! Talking to Z100’s Elvis Duran, she reveals just how hardcore PLL fans are. 

“I’ve been getting so many angry tweets lately,” she says, taking it in stride. “I didn’t really do it!” she jokes.

“I’ve gotten a lot of ‘how could you,’ ‘you bitch,’ ‘why did you do it?’  She’s not letting it get to her, saying, “It’s amusing. I like it when fans get so into the show.”

As for the show itself, she says, “I cannot tell you if ‘A’ killed Allison,” hinting that the mystery is far from over!

At the end of this season’s finale, it appeared that someone in a red coat came to visit her at the mental facility she was sent to after going all crazy on the girls, to which Mona said: “I did everything you asked me to do.” It’s clear that she’s not in this alone! While some readers loved the reveal, some were disappointed — see how Celebuzz readers felt about the big reveal in our reader reacts post