Readers React: Was ‘The Hunger Games’ Good? (PHOTOS)

As you Hunger Games fans flock to sold out theaters everywhere, we’ve been asking you to send us your reactions of the record breaking film. Did THG live up to it’s hype? In a word…yes. It sounds like it was a hit with fans (and it was with critics as well)!

“Amazing. Couldn’t have made a better movie. Was just like the book in every way possible,” Amanda wrote on Facebook. Rita agreed, adding: “Saw it and really enjoyed it, need to watch it a few more times to fully appreciate it.”

“I liked it a lot. Books are always better – I thought it was a very good adaptation. Jennifer Lawrence was brilliant!” reader Diana said.

Natalie analyzed it a bit more:

“They strayed a lot from the book. Peeta and Katnis were not that friendly upon their arrival back to D12. Also, did anyone notice that Peeta’s leg was perfectly fine… He was supposed to have it part prosthetic. It was okay.”

As did Kristin:

Loved the book, and the movie. Things about the movie, Haymitch was way too clean at the beginning of the movie. They should have included him drunk & puking on himself. Music could have been used more effectively, but the minimalistic approach was good too.

Still, we would say that about 80% of you gave it a big thumbs up!

So what are you looking forward to now that The Hunger Games is over? Vote in our poll and tell us, but right now, it seems you’re most anticipating Snow White and the Huntsman, which is winning by 65%!

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