Roc Nation Artist Rita Ora Talks Rihanna Comparisons & More (VIDEO)

Rita Talks Jay-Z
Rita Ora
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Imagine having Jay-Z as a boss? For Roc Nation artist Rita Ora, that's a reality!

The 21-year-old rising pop star -- who has been making waves with her singles “Hot Right Now” and “How We Do (Party)" -- caught up with Celebuzz in an exclusive video interview and dished about her boss' baby Blue Ivy, plus what it's like to be compared to pop superstar Rihanna!

"I think it's a huge compliment. We're part of the same family, part of the same team, so it's an obvious comparison, but it's a great one. So, I'm going to take it, and roll with it. Because it's just a great compliment."
Rita also talked about how she likes to surprise fans when she performs:
"Usually I come out with clothes, then I unlayer myself. I run around a lot. Just a lot of fun little surprises."

For more -- and to hear her thoughts on baby Blue -- check out the video above!

Also, if you're digging her catchy tune "How We Do (Party)" as much as we are, be sure to purchase it here!

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  • Yawn

    Hope she becomes more famous than Rihanna. If she can sing, then she'll out last Rihanna just for that!!

  • tamiika20

    i know you just becouse u are dating with Rob Kardashian just for that