Tim Tebow Wanted for Broadway’s ‘Book of Mormon’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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After Tim Tebow was spotted at Broadway’s Wicked, actors on the Great White Way have been eager to get the new New York Jets quarterback to stop by their theaters. Although Book of Mormon is likely the last musical on his list, Tony winner Nikki M. James, who plays Nabulungi in the show, revealed they’d give  the “virgin quarterback” full treatment — and probably an on-stage appearance — if he showed up.

“Well, the Jets have two quarterbacks now, so maybe Tim can take the day off and join us,” James told Celebuzz Monday night at MCC Theater’s annual Miscast gala in New York, adding she has the perfect number for him to perform.

“Perhaps instead of thanking God, he can throw his hands up and start saying things like ‘Hasa Diga Eebowai,'” she joked, referring to one of the numbers from the show. (Spoiler alert! In the musical, that phrase mildly translates to “F— you, God.”)

James added that, if Tim so desires, she’s sure that Book of Mormon creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone would love to have Tebow join the cast on stage for that particular number. “Could you imagine?! … I doubt this is the type of musical Tim will ever see, though,” Nikki lamented about the self-proclaimed Christian QB.

All kidding aside, the actress and her castmates are having the time of their life on stage.

“It’s silly. I don’t think there is a cast on Broadway having as much fun as we are. It is pretty exciting, because sometimes things happening on stage are as new to me as they are to the audience. When you’re working with people like Josh Gad, who is really off the cuff, there is a lot of fun and silly things happening on and off stage,” she said.

As for the rumors about a Book of Mormon movie, she says details are being kept from the Broadway cast.

“I wish I really knew more … I really hope they do a movie, and I hope that I get to be a part of it,” she said.

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