Which 'Hunger Games' Scene Made Donald Sutherland Cry & Curse? (EXCLUSIVE)

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Veteran Hollywood actor Donald Sutherland brilliantly portrays President Snow in the record breaking film The Hunger Games. So when Celebuzz talked with him, we wanted to pick is brain about the much hyped sequel, Catching Fire.

Donald -- who calls Jennifer Lawrence "a magical thing" -- said he can't wait for more scenes with Snow and Katniss.

[President Snow] knows he's met his match. He's 76, he was two years old when the Hunger Games started, so he became an administrator of this bureaucracy somewhere forty or thirty years ago. He knows somewhere this Spartacus is going to come out of the woodwork down there. He's wary of that all the time. Now she's come, she's appeared, and this is what he's been waiting for all his life.
Continued Donald:

This is the challenge that makes him salivate. It's like he loves her, it's so exciting for him because he's going into a chess game with a genius and he has to win. Oh, I just love it! [Jen Lawrence] is so grand that girl.
Donald, 76, couldn't have been more sincere when talking about his admiration for 21-year-old Jennifer, whom he said reminded him of Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet, at certain times.

However, there was once scene in particular that moved him:

I'm watching the movie, and [Katniss] puts the flowers around Rue, then she stands up and she looks at the camera and goes like [does the three finger salute], and I wept. I wept! I went 'Mother f-cker!' Oh, Jennifer is so good.
Donald was amazing too! Have you seen The Hunger Games yet? Tell us what you thought! Plus, keep up with Hunger Games news right here.

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