Before Madonna Was A ‘Girl Gone Wild,’ What Was Her Oddest Job? (PHOTOS)

Madonna: Age Appropriate?
Celebuzz readers react to M's racy outfits.
Praise be Madonna! The material mom released her twelfth studio album this week, sending fans into a frenzy. MDNA went to o the number one spot on iTunes in over 35 countries in one day!

Before the fame, she was just another girl with a dream. To get there, she had to work her way to the top — but what pays the bills isn’t always so glamorous. Can you imagine being served a cup of coffee and a pastry by Lady M? Back in the day, that’s exactly what she used to do at her oddest job — at Dunkin’ Doughnuts!

A number of other stars have revealed their odd jobs too, click through the gallery to find out who worked where. You may have more in common with your favorite star than you think! 

As for Madonna, those days are long behind her. Most recently, behind-the-scenes video has emerged of a kiss between the “Girl Gone Wild” songstress and Nicki Minaj on set of their music video for “Gimme All Your Luvin.'” The video also shows Madonna serenading Nicki for her 29th birthday–right before planting a big ole smooch: 

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