Couple on ‘Breaking Dawn’-Inspired Wedding: We’re as in Love as Edward & Bella (EXCLUSIVE)

'Dawn' Wedding
What the cast is saying about the wedding scene!
Abigail and Andy Cullen celebrated their love for The Twilight Saga by getting hitched in a full-blown Breaking Dawn wedding! The couple, who tied the knot on February 5, in Bournemouth, UK, wanted to create a unique soiree that they’d never forget. Mimicking Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart)’s big day, the couple went all out and have no regrets.

“People must think we’re nuts, but it was a great day. We are so happy with how it went and just as in love as Bella and Edward!” Abigail told Celebuzz.

The blushing bride admits the wedding wasn’t intended to have any Twilight details — except for the Bella-inspired Alfred Angelo gown.

“I wanted the dress but couldn’t get hold of it at first as it hadn’t released here [in the UK]. I initially contacted a Florida store, but they weren’t shipping until mid-February, so we got on with planning the day … Then, about a month before the wedding, we found out there was a local store in the UK that had a [Twilight replica] sample dress in my size. They were happy to sell it, so I brought it.”

Abigail had purchased a traditional dress beforehand, so she wore that for the actual wedding ceremony. Then, before the reception, she did a quick wardrobe change and wore the replica Bella dress, which looked look the original Carolina Herrera gown worn by K-Stew in the Breaking Dawn film. 

After she had the dress, all of the other Twilight details fell into place. “Other than the flowers, which I knew I wanted [to be] the same, the music we had chosen had a few Twilight songs. But the week before the wedding, I was listening to the Breaking Dawn album and realized the music was perfect for us, so we did that and incorporated the table names as covens in the films and added the Cullen crest to our menu,” Abigail said.

There was one key element missing, though. “We tried to get the archway with the flowers cascading behind it, but unfortunately we weren’t able to do that,” she said.

Other details from the big day:

  • “Bella’s Lullaby” was played during their exit from the ceremony.
  • The entire Breaking Dawn – Part 1 album served as background music for their dinner.
  • Iron & Wine‘s “Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)” played during their first kiss — as was done in the movie.
  • Andy’s best man ended his speech, saying, “Here’s to Bella and Edward.”

Of course, the Twilight inspiration didn’t end after the reception — because they decided to change their surnames to Cullen!

“It was actually my husband’s idea to change our name. I wasn’t fond of his and was going to keep mine but he wanted us to have the same surname. He jokingly came up with the idea, [and] it kinda stuck. I was more hesitant than him to be honest. I understand what some people think about it, but we don’t take it to seriously. It is only a name and plenty of people change them. At least it’s a decent surname.”

Although the couple haven’t heard from the Twilight cast or crew, Abigail admits, “No, I wish… though I think I’d be slightly embarrassed to be honest.”

So do they have any plans to name their kids after the vampire franchise?

“Don’t get me started. Of course, Edward or Renesmee. Our cat is called Bella,” Abigail told us. “But when they are born, I’m sure we’ll come to our senses.”


What do you think about this Twilight-inspired wedding? Is it cool, or did they go too far with their obsession? Sound off in the comments.