Erika Van Pelt ‘Felt Shafted’ by ‘American Idol’ Judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler

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When Erika Van Pelt hit the American Idol stage, she appeared to be one of best singers in the reality singing competition. Judge Randy Jackson backed the DJ and singer from Rhode Island — but his costars, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, didn’t want to save her from elimination last week. Now in a new interview with People, Erica is sounding off about her early elimination and how disappointed she is in the AI judges.

“I was not expecting to be the first of the top ten to go home – certainly. I’m not sure they were expecting it either. But I feel like even if they felt like I didn’t deserve to go home, they just didn’t want to waste that save in case America decided to do something really crazy.”

Erika slammed the judges, admitting, “I definitely felt a little shafted by their decision not to save me.”

“It’s one of those things that, in hindsight, I’m looking at it like they didn’t want to use their save this early,” she added.

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