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You voted, so we listened! Over 70% of Celebuzz readers told us the movie you were most looking forward to this summer is Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman.

Now that 100 Days of Hunger Games is over, we are so excited to announce that our next video series will be all about SWATH!

Up until the release on June 1, come back to Celebuzz where we will break down what you need to know about this dark version of Snow White plus debut some exclusive images and footage from the film!

If you haven't already, check out the trailer and get familiar. Starting Monday we will kick off our new series, Snow White and the Huntsman: Not Your Children's Fairy Tale.

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  • mma

    This movie looks amazing--can't wait to see it! KS will rock as a badass Snow White, no doubt. I'll be in line at midnight to see it! EVERYONE can love SWATH, people. There's plenty of room to love ALL movies that inspire/entertain us.

  • anonymous

    According to the director, there will be a lot of symbolism in this movie. The look of the film looks amazing. Enough of THG vs Twilight war. This is Snow White and the Huntsman. I think fans of both could also enjoy watching this movie.

  • Marie,please!

    I fully agree with you LittleMo. The fact that people seem to think that this movie sends out a positive message is absolutely mindblowing. 20+ kids fighting each other to their deaths isn't something to promote or be proud of. Meanwhile, while Twilight may not be for everybody, at least it shows a young girl become the matriarch and essentially the most powerful creature in her world, saving her family and child, without blood, gore and too much violence. Also, I find it pretty interesting that THG isn't doing spectacular in the EU and other parts of the world. Compared to BD1 for instance(and the other Twilight films too) and the HP films, it under preforms. 9 million for THG versus 12.1 million for BD in Australia, 7.7 million compared to the 22 million dollar opening in the UK, and so on. I find it funny that it seems to do better domestically, but internationally it's just another, slighty bigger, opening. I do have to say there wasn't much buzz to begin with in the EU anyway. No special promos on tv or anything. Meanwhile, the Twilight films usually get a lot of buzz. I guess wel'll see how BD2 will do in theaters. Being the last on in the series(something that usually draws people in) and the fact that there's more ''action'' in this one, I think it'll be a HUGE hit.

  • LittleMo

    If you find a movie that is all about the violence of kids killing other kids so appealing there is something wrong with you. Apparently there IS something wrong with you. Bella is far from boring. She is 17,coming into her own and growing up very quickly. At what is - for now but hopefully not for long - the conclusion of Twilight, Bella is the heroine who saves the entire family - and then some. The violence should never become the story and in Hunger Games the violence is the story and everything around it which, by the way, is not playing as well with foreign movei-goers. In Twilight, the story is the story and the fightint, violence, and battles along with the blood and gore are kept to a "barely there" minimum which is how it should be. Hunger games will get the money because violence will appeal to the male audience - the violence is the story. But, as an older fan at 56, I have enough smarts to know that Twilgiht makes the love story is the story and the violence and conflict are secondary. That is what makes it a far better story and a much better movie than HG or even HP (if it wasn't for the theater surcharge for DH pt.2 Twilgiht would have beaten that box office, too). Kristen Stewart did a fabulous job as Bella and she'll do every bit as good in SWATH. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  • D.

    the little girl in the trailer that is meant to be snow white as a child has blue eyes and kristen who plays snow white has green eyes the movie looks good though :)

  • mileyismylife

    this is going to be beyond amazing.

  • Liz

    Then what the hell are YOU doing here commenting?

  • RollingMyEyes

    Not everything is about THG or Twilight...This is about SWATH...and who cares??? Um I do and so do many other people. There are fan sites for Snow White and The Huntsman before the movie even started filming so do not even question for a moment who cares

  • lindha

    looking forward to snow white,,so excited..!!!,not interest to know everything about THG and the spotlight

  • jennifer h
    jennifer h

    this looks so good. charlize theron is amazing! CAN'T WAIT.

  • Karolina Babusek
    Karolina Babusek

    THG is really good, but i see not the magic and chemistry, and the book is so much better, SWATH is awesome, i can't wait... this movie have beautiful and hot cast, magic, action and is really girlpower movie... i hope this is the first part and come 2. and 3. movie... and my unpopular opinion is, Bella is not boring, she punched werwolfes and fight with vampires...

  • Marie,please!

    Lol, Marie,learn to spell properly before commenting. Wanna bet SWATH will do better than the hunger games? It'll probably bring in the same numbers as Alice in Wonderland(which were over 800 million;)). Furthermore, the only reason THG got big is because many guys see it as a one-time action movie. BD2 will probably surpass THG as well!:)

  • shayna.lane

    this looks amazing I really can't wait for june to come already. Maybe now all the kristen haters can see what an awesome actress she is :)

  • Lisa

    Fantastic!! Can not wait to see it! Thank you so much Taryn!!

  • pamlin

    I can't wait. Already counting down the days for this release!

  • Marie

    not me, sorry. :)

  • Taryn Ryder
    Taryn Ryder

    Come on, Hunger Games fans can be SWATH fans too!!

  • bev1314

    actually this looks pretty good to me

  • Marie

    Queen boring Bella is died, long life to Queen Wonderful Katniss! Snow White and crap?! loooooool! who cares?