Huh!? James Franco Shows Off His Guns on ‘Spring Breakers’ Set (PHOTOS)

Spring Breakers Pics!
See Vanessa and Selena rock bikinis on set!
Things got pretty weird on the set of Spring Breakers yesterday, when readers got their first look at James Franco, who looked less like a handsome Oscar nominee and more like Kevin Federline.

Well, things got even weirder today when another bath of photos from the set were released, in which James, still looking like K-Fed, was spotted holding a pair of guns in the air.

Does this mean that stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens are in for a little trouble in the movie? Most likely. Either way, we hope James wraps up production soon, because nobody that good looking should ever dress like K-Fed, even if it’s for a movie.

What do you think? Does James’ presence in the movie have you that much more excited to see Spring Breakers? Or would you rather just see Selena and Vanessa in a bikini?