Robin Thicke Reveals Favorite Celebrity Couple & Plans for More Kids (EXCLUSIVE)

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As one of the most talented singers in the business, Robin Thicke pretty much has it all: a successful music career, a beautiful wife (actress Paula Patton) and an upcoming gig on the ABC singing competition series Duets, opposite Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie and Jennifer Nettles.

Robin also has a son, Julian Fuego, who is about to celebrate his second birthday on April 6!

As the big day approaches, Celebuzz asked Thicke whether he and his wife plan to add another member to their family?

“[We’re] definitely not having more kids… anytime soon,” Thicke said in an exclusive interview. “We’re both a little too busy and appreciating the duty of the boy we have. But no, we’re not rushing back to do that. [Laughs]”

And appreciate he does!

Naturally, the 35-year-old had only glowing things to say about gorgeous Julian, even praising his ability to entertain.

“He definitely loves to entertain,” Thicke said. “As soon as you walk in the door, he wants to show you everything he can do, all his little tricks. He loves to put it on. The bug’s in the family, so we’ll see.”

“The thing is, if he becomes a lawyer, I can’t help him at all.” he added.

“He’s on his own. If he wants to be in show business, at least I can give him some advice; I can be a part of it. But if he wants to go into physics, dad’s gonna be in the den smoking a pipe. [Laughs]”

Speaking of kids, since Robin has recorded with Jay-Z and toured with Beyonce, Celebuzz had to ask this question: Has he met their new daughter, Blue Ivy?

“I have not met the beautiful Blue Ivy,” he said. “But I did get to see J and B since [the birth], and all we did was talk about our kids the whole time. It’s a new era for sure.”

“They’re the most loving, talented, intelligent people I know. They’re my favorite couple. I’m sure if anybody can [raise a child] with flying colors, they can.”

Robin — who has been married to Paula since 2005 — also praised his wife, detailing their secret having a long-lasting relationship.

He said, “It’s an effort. It’s a daily try. You have to find somebody that you’re willing to try your hardest for every day, because they’re worth it. I’ve found somebody who’s worth doing things I never thought I would ever consider for anyone. [Laughs] But for her, I would move mountains if I could.”

Robin’s fifth studio album, Love After War, hit stands last December. It includes the hit single Pretty Little Heart, feat. Lil Wayne. Have a listen to the song below:

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