‘I Look Corpse-Like’: Octomom Views Topless Photos For The First Time (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW)

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When Nadya "Octomom" Suleman posed topless for British magazine Closer this week, the mother-of-14 declared she'd "pinged back into shape like a rubber band."

But now -- after inviting Celebuzz cameras into her La Habra, Calif., home to view the semi-nude photos for the first time -- 36-year-old Octo-Mom has delivered a far more blunt assessment of herself, confessing that she looks "corpse like."

"I'm happy that I'm un-photogenic because 99 percent of the time people don't recognize me in person," Octo-Mom, who gave birth to octuplets in 2009, said in an exclusive interview. "I like being un-photogenic." 

Watch the exclusive video interview, above, as we show Suleman the photos that have caused headlines around the world.

Whilst she's not ashamed of flashing the flesh for a legion of adoring male fans worldwide, Octo-Mom insisted the naked truth wouldn't change her long held vow of celibacy. 

"I would never loosen my grip on my deeply, indoctrinating moral and values. I do wholeheartedly believe you need to be fully, fully in love with another human being before you give your body to that person. I would need to be with some one for years, not months, for something to manifest into anything more. I don't even touch my own darn self unless I'm washing with soap!"

With 14 children to care for, Octo-Mom is reportedly eight months behind on her mortgage and facing eviction as early as this week.

She lives off media interest -- like posing in nude panties -- rather than take state handouts.

Is Octo-Mom's own "corpse like" dead body assessment too harsh? We want to hear your thoughts; add your comments below.

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  • stephendouglas

    She does not even touch herself...This woman is soooo messed up you have to wonder what her upbringing was like.

  • cologal54

    This woman is changing her story with every interview she does. The pictures are a joke and a lie. Self supporting my ass, she has never been self supporting and never intends to be..what's next, I hope nothing and she goes away

  • Chucky Picnato
    Chucky Picnato

    I hear ya! My penis still hasn't forgiven me for looking! She says, “I’m happy that I’m un-photogenic because 99 percent of the time people don’t recognize me in person,” Octo-Mom, who gave birth to octuplets in 2009, said in an exclusive interview. ”I like being un-photogenic.” WTF ? WTF? So, she knows everyone thinks she's hideous so she's saying it's because she's "un-photogenic" ROFLMAO...no, you're just ugly & insane & very full of yourself. People see you out all the time, they just don't give a flying fruitcake. Someone come & take the babies & loan her a double-wide in the middle of nowhere. It don't even have to be clean cause she's a filthy, lazy pig. Sorry, but the penis is angry & it's all you're fault Nudia.

  • Jim

    Here's the link to pics of an actual hot woman - confirmed by rushing blood flow to my groin area, as opposed to looking at the pics of Octoscum which cut off blood flow and things started to turn blue see celeb buzz's article on stacy keibler yum yum even courtney stoddard is better than octoloser

  • Jill

    I am almost twenty years older than Nudeya Suckeymom, and I look ten times better than that. I wouldn't even need to be photoshopped and I'm 100% natural. Why does this hacked up hag think she is photogenic?

  • Jennamae

    Are you sure this isn't some new fad where ugly women pay to get nekkid pictures of themselves published? She is really hard on the eyes and the stomach, despite the pitiful photoshopping job and all her surgeries. I guess the photoshopper was only paid for one days work so he had to stop work after eight long hours. That or he ran off nauseated from the reality.

  • Barbwire

    OK so technically Closer is a "women's" magazine but the company also publishes men's mags as well as "parenting" magazines. I'm glad she didn't insist on being in the parenting one!! Once men hear she did a spread in it they too will be gawking and joining in her "celebration". She looks pleased as punch perusing her pics! Do (straight) women usually appreciate these obviously provocative poses?

  • Barbwire

    Since when is CLOSER a women's magazine? She says she was doing the sorta nudie shots for a women's magazine as opposed to a men's magazine.

  • Alvin

    Just another middle-aged woman who thinks she 20. I really hate those kind of women, they don't know how to dress appropriately for their age. Definitely delusional.

  • boze

    Couldn`t get past the eyebrows. She should trim those and send it to Locks of Love or something.

  • Jane Marsee
    Jane Marsee

    Fraudya Suleman may not be on Welfare BUT her children still are. It is a deceptive live of ommission on her part. She has been supported by the American taxpayer for the last 12 years--and shows no sign of ever giving us a break. Lazy, ignorant cow!