Alison Sweeney Responds to ‘Biggest Loser’ Critics: Our Goal Is To Inspire

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When critics gripe that The Biggest Loser is unrealistic for the average person, Alison Sweeney is all like, no duh!

“It isn’t realistic,” she tells Celebuzz. “If you worked out six hours a day and had nothing else to do with your life, then it would be realistic,” she adds with a laugh. “Nobody is trying to pretend anything other than that. That’s the whole point. That’s why it’s a lifetime opportunity to come to the ranch.”

“Our hope is that fans who watch it are inspired by what people do,” she says. “And that the information that we share with our audience and the contestants themselves is carried forward so that everybody can have their life changed in some way by it.”

For her, getting to see the before and after effect is the highlight of the show. “My favorite part would have to be the transformations, she says. “Just being a part of the journey. Those great, lifechanging moments are very inspiring. It’s just amazing to get to know those people and be a part of it.”

As for herself, she says, “I’ve definitely learned lessons that I’m so grateful to know. Back in the day, I tried that cabbage soup diet when that was really popular, I did shake diets…stuff like that. The worst part was that it was effective in the very short term, but then I wouldn’t be able to maintain that strict diet plan — so then I’d give up on the whole thing and gain more weight back than I ever lost.”

As the host for the past five years, she’s taken the message to heart. “The message is that this is for life. How can you make choices to be healthy for your whole life? I really like that mentality.”

Alison has found her own balance by putting what she’s learned to use! “Nutrition has been a HUGE part of it,” she says. There are tons of things that people are doing they THINK are healthy, like not knowing a ceaser salad is bad for you. I was one of those people. I was eating pasta primivera and thinking to myself ‘look at the four pieces of brocolli in my dinner! I bet this is super good for me.’ If you really know what’s out there, you make healthier choices. Don’t mislead yourself. Figure out what you need to do to be healthy and do that.”

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