Coco Dreaming: I Want Sofia Vergara & Shakira To Join My ‘Thong Thursday’ (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Coco's Teeny Bikini
You can't wear less without it being illegal.
It’s that time of the week again where we all ogle at Nicole “Coco” Austin — her much viewed Thong Thursday on Twitter.

In an exclusive interview with Celebuzz to celebrate this auspicious occasion, the 33-year-old voluptuous Ice Loves Coco star dished on her ultimate dream: the curvalicious celebrities she’d like to join her in baring it all. Read on to find out who she wants — and why!

“I really like Shakira,” says the wife of Law & Order SVU star Ice T. “She’s got a nice little booty too. I wouldn’t mind seeing that! To me, she has the perfect body.”

She added:

“I also like Sofia Vergara. I recently became hip to her. I didn’t know too much about her, but I watch Modern Family. I just noticed that she has a very curvy body and she likes to show it off in her own way. She reminds me of myself, she flaunts what she’s got but people aren’t mad at her for it.”

Coco says she came up with Thong Thursday in an attempt to dispel critics who suggested she was being photoshopped. “Instead of hearing everyone talk about how I’m photoshopped, I decided I was going to start a weekly photo day and post pictures on the assets people want to see,” she tells Celebuzz.

“I started taking pictures of myself candidly, with my own camera or phone.”

Now, the idea has started to catch on.

Coco notes, “I know Aubrey O’Day, Lindsay Lohan [have posted photos] and even Demi Moore posted a picture of her booty! It was more for a funny moment. It wasn’t supposed to be sexual. More of like, ‘What is Coco up to now?!'”

So, what do you think of Coco’s dream Thong Thursday participants? Who would you like to see get in on Thong Thursday? Let us know below!