Court Couture! A Look Back At Lindsay Lohan’s Many Trial Styles (PHOTOS)

Lilo's Troubled Life
Check out Lindsay's troubled timeline.
She once wore a latex dress and “F*** You” nail art to court, but in Lindsay Lohan’s latest and last appearance before a judge she looked more like Hillary Clinton in her blue suit as the judge praised her for completing her probation in what was her final progress report. 

What a difference a few years can make! Lilo has walked down the paparazzi-ridden path to Los Angeles courtrooms like it was a red carpet ever since she got in trouble with the law so many years ago.  Her series of styles have sometimes led to us threatening to call the fashion police, but it seems the more she cleaned up her act, the less skin was shown in court. 

This is evident in her Thursday trial style, a pale blue Givenchy suit. 

Thanks to her completing her community service at the morgue, therapy and a shoplifter’s course, Lilo was taken off probation in regards to her DUI charge, and her jewelry theft punishment has gone from formal to informal probation. Now, she just has to be a law abiding citizen until May 24, 2014.

“Good bye and good luck,” Judge Stephanie Sautner told the Mean Girls star. She advised the actress to act in a “mature way” and “stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work.”

Looks like we have a while before we see another Lindsay coutroom style (fingers crossed), so click the pics and let us know which looks you found classy and which were just straight up trashy.